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Sailor of Hamburg Tea (Broken)

Since the weather on coast and offshore is quite rough and cold, one needs to warm up from the inside as well. And what could be better suited than a nice cup of hot tea - pure or laced. Sailor of Hamburg tea, not only for sailors and coast dwellers, is further - more a very yielding and aromatic black tea blend of high quality, thoroughly matched broken teas from Assam, Ceylon and Sumatra. This copper-coloured and strong, spicy quality can practically be consumed any time of the day or night.


Stock:  16 bag
Sweet Cherry   [Preorder]
Sweet Cherry

Fresh, red cherries, straight from the tree, this is how they should be enjoyed. But this is not always possible. We offer a real alternative to fresh fruits with this tasty tea creation. Fruity, full bodied and yet slightly tangy, the flavor seems to explode on your taste buds. The fruity and sweet taste tickles your tongue and reminds of a candy known from childhood days. The excellent ingredients underline this extraordinary taste pleasure.


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Sencha • Orange/Passion Fruit

This tea's appearance will immediately remind you of a bright, sunny, summer's day! The shining orange papaya flakes are enhanced by the soft green of the tea. This is a blend, which will make you feel happy. The light, tangy, green tea flavour is wonderfully supported by the fresh lemon grass and together they create a perfect base for lively summery fruit.


Stock:  8 bag
Ceylon Uva • (FP) • ST. JAMES

Located in the famous Malwatta Valley in the UVA region, the St. James Estate produces leaf and broken teas of prime quality on a plantation of approximately 300 hectares. The classical Pekoe leaf shows a remarkably thorough processing. The bright, red-golden cup is generally somewhat darker then the UVA highland qualities, which grow at higher altitudes. A full, spicy, very balanced taste harmonises with an aromatic, strong, scented bouquet - a prime quality Ceylon tea for Ceylon connoisseurs.


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Wild Cherry   [Preorder]
Wild Cherry

A real classic among fruit teas. The very intense aroma of wild cherries is pure delight to all those who like strong flavours. The very fruity flavour complements the typical scent of wild cherries. The full aroma of ripe, juicy cherries makes this speciality an incomparable taste sensation. This creation can be served cold, or alternatively mixed with cherry juice - try it!


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English Breakfast Tea (Broken - organic)

Select broken teas from Assam and Sumatra form the base of our breakfast composition of controlled organic cultivation. It is equally powerful and aromatic and shows a dark, copper-brown cup with a full, spicy bouquet. A very high-yielding tea blend which can surely compete with some of East Frisian Blends. Milk or cream, as well as a couple of pieces of rock sugar are the perfect supplement for this blend.


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Dark Chocolate

Here we have chosen a wonderfully balanced blend of finest black teas from Ceylon and China that puts a special focus on a stronger cup. Cocoa peel and coriander underline the slightly tart yet sweet chocolate flavours of cocoa and dark chocolate. A true temptation, which you should also try with a little bit of milk.


Stock:  18 bag
China • Anhui • OP • Keemun

Keemun is one of the most important teas in China. It is grown in the province of Anhui, in Central China. Despite its great popularity it has only been produced since 1875. Before this time, only green teas had been produced in Anhui. Our Keemun OP is a soft, finely aromatic and very mild tea, with a marvellous, regular Sinensis leaf. The cup colour shines dark red; the bouquet is spicy and sweetish.


Stock:  16 bag

The strawberry is considered the queen among berries. They say the smaller the fruit, the intense the the aroma. The look of our decorative, large pieces of the queen of berries promises a great taste: a fruity and creamy composition of fruit and berries, refined with full, intense strawberry flavours and cream notes, melts on your tongue. In combination, both tastes offer an unforgettable fruity and tender pleasure. The added juicy pineapple pieces add still further juiciness.


Stock:  20 bag

A tea indulgence characterised by its lightness, which will cater for tranquillity and quietness not only in the evenings. Lean back, close your eyes and enjoy the moment... The bright yellow marigold blossoms and blue lavender blossoms charmingly decorate this blend. Blackberry leaves, apple pieces and fennel take care of the wonderfully mild, smooth flavour with a light sweetness. The caraway yields a hint of spiciness and the Melissa leaves add their pleasant freshness. The slightly flowery aroma of the lavender blossoms will caress your palate. An indulgence, which will enthuse completely without any added flavouring.


Stock:  18 bag

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