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Chocolate Cream NEW   [Preorder]
Chocolate Cream

Select Arabica beans from Central and South America, refined with the best chocolate cream flavour.


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Fennel Seed   [Preorder]
Fennel Seed

The fennel is a plant that gives special pleasure to farmers in the region of the Provence. However, this annualy returning plant with its green leaves needs sufficient warmth and, above all, rich soil. The well-known seed can be harvested only in late summer. The fennel has then reached the highest stage of its development and finaly forms the first seeds. Due to a taste that is similar to aniseed, the fennel seed can be used in very different ways. In general, people brew an infusion. Being acid-free, it is not only suitable for little children but also for the grown-up "children" who like drinking it when they do not feel very well. Last but not least, we would like to inform you that, for example, the steamed fennel bulb could be aten as a vegetable, which tastes brilliant.


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Vietnam • OP   [Preorder]
Vietnam • OP

As far as appearance and colour are concerned, a thoroughly processed leaf tea from Vietnam does not differ at all from the far more popular sorts from China. In taste, however, it is far spicier; this results from the particular fermentation and drying process. Therefore, the quality we offer may rather be compared to a Ceylonese highland type and is, thus, particularly interesting for tea drinkers who like a mild and, at the same time, fully aromatic tea. It is also perfectly suitable for being served from a samovar.


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Ruanda • RUKERI OP (organic)

We can now offer the teas from this garden as certified organic! The tea industry has come to be Ruanda's most important economic sector and one of its largest employers. More than 90% of the production is exported. The plantation Rukeri was founded by Europeans almost 50 years ago and only produces 700 t of orthodox tea per year. In order to keep the leaves from breaking, they are moved only minimally during the withering process. Our quality has a long, wiry, mid-brown leaf and its taste is slightly spicy with a pleasant citrus note. The brightly shining cup releases a spicy-fresh aroma.


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Vanilla/Cream   [Remnants and Oddments]

A real delight for every sweet tooth! The aromatic vanilla is the queen of spices and the best varieties come from Madagascar. Vanilla is used throughout the world to refine delicious desserts and sauces. This noble ingredient also refines our rich and creamy fruit tea composition. The intense scent and the exotic and warm aroma cannot be mistaken. Supported by the flavour of sweet cream, this fruity delight reminds of a large bowl filled with tempting vanilla pudding, completed by a topping of delicious whipped cream. A taste experience, which will warm your heart!


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Stinging nettle leaves   [Preorder]
Stinging nettle leaves

The stinging nettle itself is only one of the plant, which is collectively named „nettle plant”. In Europe, approximately 45 varieties of this plant can be found. The qualities of the soil as well as the nettle variety are very important factors for the cultivation of stinging nettle. The different varieties grow between 10 and 250 cm tall. A lot of different types of butterflies use the stinging nettle as nourishment when they are still caterpillars. The human being, however, likes the younger shoots better and uses them, depending on age and freshness, for salads, cooked or even for the production of delicious cheese. A freshly brewed stinging nettle tea can be described as typically herbal with a slight hint od spinach.


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Hibiscus blossoms (whole)

The hibiscus, as connoisseurs know, consists of the hibiscus' calyx and external calyx. They are harvested during the time of the fruits and then dried The inner calyx is 3 cm long and up to the middle it is ball-like. Above, there are five tips bending upwards. The external calyx consists of 10 small, slim petals that are strongly "anchored" to the calyx base. After the flowering time, the fleshy and slightly crumbly calyxes take on their typical red colour. The main countries of cultivation of the hibiscus are the Sudan, Egypt, China, Mexico and Thailand. The infusion of the hibiscus blossom can either be drunk pure or in form of a fruit tea blend.


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Hibiscus blossoms (cut)   [Preorder]
Hibiscus blossoms (cut)

The blossoms are a major part of fruit teas and give a fresh and tangy infusion. Depending on the country of origin, the colour and acidity varies. The imports from Thailand give a dark infusion with less acidity. The Sudanese hibiscus, on the other hand, has a noticeably stronger acidity and a brighter cup. Hence, with fruit tea blends you can determine the degree of acidity and/or colour by trying out different quantities and qualities of hibiscus blossoms. To those who are very thirsty, we can recommend the pure, freshly brewed and cool hibiscus tea as a really thirst-quenching drink in summer.


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China • Zhejiang • Gunpowder

This tea is probably the most popular green tea from Zhejiang, south of Sanghai. The name "Gunpowder" was given to this speciality because of its rolled leaves, which have the formof bullets. If the rolled tealeaves are brewed with hot water, they begin to crackle. The tea is very original in taste, with a very strong and tangy aroma. If you find this tea too strong, you may pour away the first brew. The second one then offers the tender soul of the tea. By the way, in northern Africa the first brew is served with a mint leaf, a tea "à la menthe" so to speak.


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Turkish Apple Yoghurt/Lime

Another convincing creation of our house. The already first-class with the fresh apple and lemon taste receives reinforcements. This Turkish apple tea also counts on the pure strength of sweet apple and pineapple pieces;  however it receives additional aromatic support from a combination of delicious, sweet, soft, somewhat cake-like flavour notes. The fresh and sweetish yoghurt taste complements magnificently the special citrus fruit.


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