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Sencha • Prickly Pear   [Remnants and Oddments]
Sencha • Prickly Pear

If you are looking for new tastes, you can really expect something different from this tea. The surprising flavour of the prickly pear has a taste, which is refreshing, finely sour, and reminds you of melons and pears. Belonging to the family of cactuses, this fruit most probably has its origins in Mexico and was already cultivated by the Aztecs. The tempting scent makes you long for summer and lifts your spirits. The balanced decoration leaves no room for improvement.


Stock:  15 bag
Assam • OP1 • Leaf Blend

This new addition to our Assam range allows us to offer you yet another attractively priced consumer quality. Right towards the end of the harvest, at the end of August, any surplus teas are being offered at very attractive conditions. However, we don't simply care for the price, rather, we especially look for teas with an expressive, long, black leaf, a medium, copper-coloured cup and a slightly spicy, malty character. Ideal for beginners and price-sensitive tea drinkers.


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Lapacho (Orange/Vanilla)   [Preorder]
Lapacho (Orange/Vanilla)

Is there anything more popular than the flavour combination of orange and vanilla? We have combined this mellow aroma with the unique taste of our Lapacho - a creation which tastes like 7th heaven!


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Sage leaves   [Preorder]
Sage leaves

Sage is a bush, which can reach heights of up to 70 cm. The long and hairy leaves have a very delicious and aromatic scent; their colour is light olive-green. The taste is very typical and slightly bitter. Originally, sage derives from the Mediterran area. It is very common especially in the Adriatic region. Today, the plant is also cultivated in other European countries. Cut sage should be kept in dark and closed containers. Due to the high contents of essential oils, we do not recommend storage in containers made of plastic.


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Strawberry/Cream   [Remnants and Oddments]

Who can resist this delicious red berry? It is best if freshly plucked from the plant and eaten immediately. Our sweet, fruity and creamy creation reminds you of Grandma's home-made strawberry cake with fruits from her own garden: a large spoonful freshly whipped sweet cream on the crispy, bright strawberries is most tempting. Our strawberry dream, however, bears no unexpected calories! A classic, which is a valuable addition to each assortment!


Stock:  15 bag
Elderberry/Vineyard Peach   [Remnants and Oddments]
Elderberry/Vineyard Peach

The red vineyard peach, historically also known as "Persian Apple", which had almost vanished in the past decades, is an incomparable delicacy due to its highly aromatic taste. The small, fuzzy fruits have their origin in China and came from Persia via the Romans to Italy and France. The unique taste of the red vineyard peach, in combination with elderberry, awakens the desires to visit the slopes of the beautiful winegrowing regions where it is grown on.


Stock:  14 bag
Lemon Spice   [Preorder]
Lemon Spice

Select the highest quality of South African Rooibos teas, add the most popular spices of the world - pepper, cinnamon and cardamom, round it off with the freshness of lemon grass and a flavour combination of summer fresh citrus, a hint of smooth vanilla and a dash of peper - et voilá, you have created a taste to be enjoyed all year long!


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Mate Sweet Orange

The popular fresh taste of fruity, sweet oranges goes well with the moderately strong, spicy, slightly smoky Mate tea. The strikingly decorated, delicious speciality is a high-grade offer for the rising demand for Mate tea. The well-balanced addition of pleasant liquorice gives the necessary sweetness to this fresh and slightly tangy blend. Similarly to black te, mate tea is stimulating with a short brewing time (5 minutes); this effect diminishes with longer brewing times (10 minutes).


Stock:  14 bag
Lemon   [Preorder]

A refreshing, sour fruit, which can be used in so many ways! It is available all year round, as this fruit can stay on the tree for months without losing any of its qualities. Our natural lemon oil gives a lively and refreshing taste to this fruit tea blend. The moss green, dried lemon grass not only gives this blend a beautiful appearance, it also enhances the fresh, lemon-like character.


Stock:  0 bag

This heavenly, fruity, spicy, sweet composition is made up of numerous single components and flavours. The balanced flavour comes from fresh, ripe, soft pears and a sweet cinnamon nuance. A dash of soft cream gives the final polish. Cinnamon does not necessarily mean Christmas! Accept this attractive fruit tea blend as a compensation for a missed dessert, you will love it.


Stock:  8 bag

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