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China • Zhejiang • TEMPLE OF HEAVEN

Also known as "Zucha" or "Pearl Tea", this Gunpowder is much finer than its predessor. Just like the classic Gunpowder, this tea is dried in rolling drums. The constant rotation gives the tea its spherical form. "Temple of Heaven" tea features a very tightly rolled ball, which is also a sign of quality. The aroma is softer than that of the standard quality and less bitter. This tea may be enjoyed at any time of the day. If you still find the brew too tangy, try pouring away the first brew and taste the second. Most of the caffeine content will also be eliminated in this way.


Stock:  6 bag
Ceylon Uva • (OP) • HIGHGROWN

We would like to offer this carefully selected, quality tea, which comes from altitudes of between 1,000 and 2,300 m. The very well-processed, wiry, slightly reddish leaf with its medium-strong, well-balanced spiciness makes this tea a smart choice as a complement to each Ceylon assortment. The bright copper-coloured cup offers us a strong and spicy aroma with a touch of malt. A real treat at many time of day!


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This tea’s name not only reflects its fantastic appearance, but also its sensual taste. Cinnamon and vanilla with a touch of jasmine will take you far away to the magical world of the Orient. Let yourself go and enjoy a trip full of fantasy, colour and excitement and dive into this charmed flavour.


Stock:  8 bag
China • Anhui • CHUN MEE (organic)

In China, this tea is very popular and its tradition is very old. This tea has influenced the European tea lover's idea of green tea. Chun Mee means "valuable brow", for the leaf reminds of the eyebrow form of classical Chinese beauties. The tea has a very typical taste with a tangy aroma accompanied by a slight sweetness. It is grown in southeastern China near the river Yangtze. If you find this tea too strong, you may pour away the first brew and enjoy the second, milder brew afterwards.


Stock:  29 bag
China • OP • Sencha

With this tea, we are offering a popular and frequently consumed standard quality, which is drunk a lot in China. It can be consumed at any time of the day and on very occasion. The large-leafed tea is slightly brittle and wiry. The dark, olive-green infusion clearly shows that middle leaf shoots, which contain less caffeine, have been processed. The cup shimmers in a strong green-yellow tone. The taste is extremely soft and mild with a sweet note. It is ideally suited for green tea beginners and those who prefer mild qualities.


Stock:  75 bag
Lemon   [Preorder]

No compromises! The classical and in this case also natural flavouring of the fruity fresh and very lively lemon is a must on each tea and herbal base. A taste, which does not need unnecessary decoration for a glamorous performance. Added lemon grass brings about a colourful contrast to the fine Rooibos base. The infusion releases the cool, fresh flavour nuances of the lemon grass. A guaranteed big time seller, which draws its power from really conservative nuances.


Stock:  0 bag
Bon Tea (Chocolate/Coconut)

White beaches, crystal clear water, the rustle of palm leaves, Caribbean music in the background, sun-tanned skin and a happy mood ... The pleasure of chocolate and coconuts would bring to perfection the picture of a good life, "le bon gout de la vie". To be brief, Bon Tea ... chocolate and coconut included! Enjoy this tender, creamy creation with, or even without, Caribbian music. It's worth it!


Stock:  9 bag
Sea Buckthorn

Very popular in the coastal of Northern Germany, this extraordinary berry has found increasing interest in other parts of the world. The sea buckthorn is a very versatile plant. It does not need rich soil to grow, and is, therefore, used to keep dams and dunes in shape. The sea buckthorn's positive effects have been known in Asia for over 2,000 years. The berry is very rich in juice and has a bright orange colour. The taste is slightly tangy with a hint of sweetness. The surprising, yet, somehow familiar flavour on our select fruit tea base is a real treat for both, young and old, to enjoy.


Stock:  16 bag

An old time classic, which just must be part of any standard, and of course, any Christmas assortment. The strong China Ceylon blend, enriched with crushed cinnamon pieces from Ceylon receives its perfectly balanced taste through our expressive cinnamon flavour. Quite simple but perfect.


Stock:  12 bag
Sencha • Orange

Orange trees which slowly sway under the Italian sky, impressions of freshness, sweetness and sun. Freshly squeezed orange juice fresh from the juicer - this is the incomparable aroma we were hoping to find. In order to support the selected orange flavour, we have chosen a mild green tea basis, which ideally brings out the popular scent. The decoration of bright orange blossoms completes the picture of this perfect blend. A wonderful tea, which can also serve as an excellent thirst quencher in summer.


Stock:  20 bag

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