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Best of Brazil • Fazenda Lagoa

Best of Brazil • Fazenda Lagoa

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A soft, well-balanced, sweet flavour which reminds of chocolate.

Product properties

Origin and Plantation:

The famous coffee growing region "Sul de Minas" is located in the hart of the Minas Gerais with its long mountain ranges, many small lakes and mineral-bearing soil. It was here, where the first plantations were founded more than 100 years ago. Among them is the "Fazenda Lagoa" where one of the most famous plantation coffees of the world is grown, with due consideration for the local ecosystem, on 400 hectares of land, at an altitude of 950 to 1,200 m. The plantation is surronded by 660 hectares of protected rainforest which wolves, big cats and hundreds of different bird species call their home. The annual harvest of this plantation is between 8,000 and 12,000 sacks of 60 kg. Due to its geographical position and the high quality expectations, this coffee is picked exclusively by hand. The beans, which have been picked in the morning, are transported to the treatment facilities in the afternoon. There, they are processed in five steps. First, any remaining twigs or leaves are removed before ripe, overripe and still green beans are separated from each other in a water tank. Later, a part of the pulp is removed and the beans, together with the remaining glassine coat, are dried in the sun. During this time, the coffee draws the sweetness from the remainig pulp. After two days, this first drying process is finished and the beans are placed on wood-burning dryers, whisch are used to reduce their humidity content to 11-12%.

Character and Taste:

This exceptional Brazilian coffee speciality excels due to its naturally mild and harmonic aroma. Its mild sweetness, as well as the long-lasting, chocolate-like aftertaste, will bring every coffe lover to gush about this speciality. The longstanding experience with sun-dried coffee can be experienced anew with each cup!


Roasted coffee (100% Arabica)

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