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This tea’s name not only reflects its fantastic appearance, but also its sensual taste. Cinnamon and vanilla with a touch of jasmine will take you far away to the magical world of the Orient. Let yourself go and enjoy a trip full of fantasy, colour and excitement and dive into this charmed flavour.


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An old time classic, which just must be part of any standard, and of course, any Christmas assortment. The strong China Ceylon blend, enriched with crushed cinnamon pieces from Ceylon receives its perfectly balanced taste through our expressive cinnamon flavour. Quite simple but perfect.


Stock:  11 bag
Cinnamon Angel   [Remnants and Oddments]
Cinnamon Angel

A tea blend made for the year's festive days. This creation captures the tempting scent of Christmas baking and other delicious things. A heavenly composition with delicious flavours, such as cream and Christmas punch, that tastes like eggnog.


Stock:  1 bag

The fruity and spicy combination of exotic cinnamon and delicious plums is often used for the preparation of different foods. The ingredients, in liquid or solid form, are not only part of different sweets from grandma's recipe book but also a clever refinement in upper class restaurants. Fine redbush tea is the perfect basis for such a great and seductive combination of flavors. Its appearance fascinates with bright blue mallow blossoms and cinnamon pieces. Yummy!


Stock:  11 bag
Black Candied Apple

The smell of crispy, baked apples brings to mind Grandma's cosy, warm and wonderful kitchen, full of overflowing baskets of home-grown fruits. The intense flavour of candied, sweet, baked apples unfolds on a fine, mild, aromatic black tea blend. A hint of creamy vanilla rounds off the sweetish but at the same time fresh taste experience perfectly. Drinking this unique and intense tea will always remind you of the easy-going days of childhood!


Stock:  14 bag
Sencha • Vanilla

Vanilla is probably the most popular of all flavours. Is it also your favourite? Then you should try our great green tea blend! The sweet and creamy vanilla notes in connection with the subtle caramel character create a full vanilla experience. The elegant green tea base most suitably supports the rich vanilla flavour. A real classic that should be an integrated part of each green tea assortment.


Stock:  11 bag
Oriental Spice Blend (Orange/Cinnamon)

In the Middle Ages, spices such as pepper were a valuable means of payment. Also cinnamon and ginger are an integral part of our life, and of local and Oriental cuisine! The mysterious world of the Orient, Aladdin and his magic lamp and exotic smells come to mind when looking at this precious, oriental tea decoration. The aromatic, slightly smoky China-Ceylon blend ennobled with Indian spices and rounded off with natural orange flavouring and a creamy vanilla taste enchants everyone!


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Orange Cookies   [Preorder]
Orange Cookies

This flavoured black tea is a perfect companion not only in the Christmas season. Its characteristic is its spiciness: a generous portion of sweet apple pieces mastefully rounds off sweet cinnamon bits, spicy coriander, cardamom, cloves and hot, fruity pepper. The scent of juicy oranges and delicate cream complete this unique taste experience.


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Mulled WINE (Red Wine/Orange/Cinnamon)

Is there anyone who does not know this wintry punch, which ensures so many sociable evenings? This tea blend  is a real taste explosion thanks to the exceptional flavour composition of the very unique German version. What makes this blend so special: the traditional flamed cone sugar, which slowly melts into delicious caramel. Pure exaltation!


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Merry Cranberry (Cranberry/Eggnog)

This cranberry already starts being merry in the fall, beginning to quietly ring the festive bell. Not too much, but just a little dash of eggnog, in combination with autumnal, fruity - tangy flavours. Bright red cranberry slices, cinnamon rods and star aniseed the darker getting evenings. Why not already chance a hidden kiss underneath the mistletoe?


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