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Decaffeinated Tea

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Sencha • Earl Grey (Bergamot)

Sir Albert Henry George Grey, Fourth Lord Grey and Canadian Governor General between 1904 and 1911, was an engaged and modern-minded statesman. Unfortunately, decaffeinated teas did not exist back then, but we are sure he would have liked our mild variation of the famous flavoured tea classic. Decaffeinated Sencha has been ennobled with a new, natural, highly aromatic bergamot flavouring of first quality.



Stock:  8 bag
China Sencha

When the production methods and „know-how” for the production of classical Japanese teas was transferred to China some years ago, the demand for decaffeinated Sencha soon followed suit. This decaffeinated China Sencha will satisfy the desires of any green tea lover. Well-structured leaf, lemon-yellow in the cup, with a fruity, slightly tangy character and a mild and round bouquet.



Stock:  4 bag
Orange   [Preorder]

A new variety of the fine, decaffeinated tea for all lovers of this basis. It is characterised by a round, sweet orange flavour which is decorated with delicate orange blossoms.



Stock:  0 bag
Sencha for Children/Seniors (Strawberry)

There is hardly another fruit on this planet that is as popular among young and old as the strawberry. We are, therefore, presenting our particular, decaffeinated, flavoured green tea variation. Its mild and, at the same time, intense taste is due to a natural strawberry flavouring, which shines when interacting with the soft tea basis.



Stock:  10 bag
Ceylon • OP   [Preorder]
Ceylon • OP

We have selected this classic quality coming from the famous island, situated in the Golf of Bengal, for our decaffeinated Ceylon OP. With respect to our decaffeinated qualities, we put a lot of emphasis on being able to identify a high portion of taste and optic. The leaf is anthracite-coloured, long and wiry, mild and yet tender in taste, with a copper-coloured cup.



Stock:  0 bag
Assam • TGFOP1   [Preorder]
Assam • TGFOP1

The base for this much appreciated decaffeinated Assam TGFOP1 was blended at the origin especially for us! Due to the very careful decaffeination procedure, we can still appreciate the dark brown, very well-worked leaf with golden tips. The cup unfolds a strong, malty aroma with a hint of chocolate.



Stock:  0 bag
Darjeeling • TGFOP   [Preorder]
Darjeeling • TGFOP

Here you have the proof: decaffeinated tea does not have to taste boring! This Darjeeling of highest quality still has its characteristic attributes after the decaffeination. Our Darjeeling TGFOP, with its medium-dark, fine leaf and its silvery tips convinces you with its mild taste and tender, aromatic bouquet. The light copper-coloured cup has a pleasent scent and is glowing.



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