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Black Tea


Gruziya • Type OP

This tea is modelled on the original Georgian quality, which is, unfortunately, no longer available. These qualities are very popular in Russia and are sweetened not only with lots of sugar, but also with a jam called Warenje and consumed in large quantities. Our Gruziya is a mild, pleasant leaf blend from high-quality Chinese black teas, with a soft, light-coloured cup, a tender taste and a hint of a smoke note. The flavour is round and slightly spicy. The leaf is regular and dark in colour.


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English Breakfast Tea (Broken)

For all those  among the tea drinkers who still do not think our English Leaf Blend, for example, is strong enough. Select broken teas from Assam and Sumatra form the basis for an extremely yielding quality, which is strongly reminiscent of East Frisian blends. It presents a marvellously dark infusion with a malty spiciness, which is at its best when slightly sweetened with a dash of milk or cream.


Stock:  2 bag
Russian Blend • Samowar

Long before black tea was imported from China and until the end of the 17th century, people living at the time of the czars had been drinking "Smitten", a brew made with hot water, honey, and herbs. Today, tea is the most popular non-alcoholic drink in Russia. Our black tea blend, not to be confused with Gruziya tea of former times, is based on an old Russian recipe and is perfectly suitable for being served from a samowar. A highly aromatic and, at the same time with a very slight, smoky note.


Stock:  35 bag
English Leaf Blend

Among the countless types of English tea blends, which are offered today, the traditional classics are still amongst the most popular. Our creation is based on a traditional recipe and composed of 50% select Ceylonese highland teas and of equal portions of highly aromatic Assam and Java leaf teas. Thanks to its fine and spicy taste, this blend is a perfect companion for your morning toast with honey or jam, but also ideally suited for afternoon tea with cake, biscuits or scones with clotted cream.


Stock:  2 bag
Sailor of Hamburg Tea (Broken)

Since the weather on coast and offshore is quite rough and cold, one needs to warm up from the inside as well. And what could be better suited than a nice cup of hot tea - pure or laced. Sailor of Hamburg tea, not only for sailors and coast dwellers, is further - more a very yielding and aromatic black tea blend of high quality, thoroughly matched broken teas from Assam, Ceylon and Sumatra. This copper-coloured and strong, spicy quality can practically be consumed any time of the day or night.


Stock:  16 bag
English Breakfast Tea (Broken - organic)

Select broken teas from Assam and Sumatra form the base of our breakfast composition of controlled organic cultivation. It is equally powerful and aromatic and shows a dark, copper-brown cup with a full, spicy bouquet. A very high-yielding tea blend which can surely compete with some of East Frisian Blends. Milk or cream, as well as a couple of pieces of rock sugar are the perfect supplement for this blend.


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Morning Tea   [Preorder]
Morning Tea

You are looking for a stimulating, but not exciting tea blend for your start into the day? You have found it in this fine composition of select spring tea productions from the highlands of Darjeeling and Ceylon. Balanced and harmonious components make a golden-yellow, marvellous smelling cup with pleasantly fresh and slightly flowery taste nuances, which will tease your senses. And that already for breakfast - try it!


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Scottish Breakfast Tea (Broken - organic)

These blends were originally created especially for the very soft Scottish water. This blend is a combination of special, carefully selected organic broken teas from Assam, the African continent and northern Indian highland varieties. The tea enthusiast already knows that each single origin speaks for itself, but this combination truly unfolds an exceptional taste experience in the cup: very well balanced, freshly flowery and scenty while still slightly malty and with a full body. A very pleasant Scot, not only at the breakfast table!


Stock:  18 bag
Selected East Frisian Blend (Broken)

Altough East Frisia is rather small and not very densely populated, this region in the northwest of Germany is top ranking when it comes to drinking tea with a per-capita consumption of more than 2 kg per year. Due to this large demand, each year large quantities of the finest teas, in particular from Assam, are shipped there to be processed into nobble and sophisticated blends. The mostly strong and marevellously malty quantities are traditionally served with „Kluntje” (rock sugar) and a dash of cream.


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Irish Breakfast Tea (Broken)

With an annual per-capita consumption of more than 3 kg, the Irish are still the world champions when it comes to drinking tea. They have a special preference for very strong blends, which may happily contain a good portion of local whiskey. Following this tradition, we are producing a special quality in our house, which only consists of the season's strongest broken teas. A deep dark infusion with a highly spicy and malty character - a definite must for each lover of such tea types and, of course, for all friends of the Green Island.


Stock:  15 bag


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