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Turkish Apple Yoghurt/Lime

Another convincing creation of our house. The already first-class with the fresh apple and lemon taste receives reinforcements. This Turkish apple tea also counts on the pure strength of sweet apple and pineapple pieces;  however it receives additional aromatic support from a combination of delicious, sweet, soft, somewhat cake-like flavour notes. The fresh and sweetish yoghurt taste complements magnificently the special citrus fruit.


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Stock:  4 bag
Turkish Apple

One of our tasteful and soft blends which gets along without acidic fruits. Sweet apple pieces and lovely pineapple form the basis of this popular infusion. The firm, sweet character of the apple flavour is enhanced by a very special freshness. The taste of this creation makes you feel being in warm regions of the sunny south for a short journey. For this reason it is easy to understand that this tea will be on a firm and high rank in our selected assortment. A top seller among the fruit teas.


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Stock:  15 bag
Thanksgiving (Apple/Pumpkin/Cinnamon)   [Remnants and Oddments]
Thanksgiving (Apple/Pumpkin/Cinnamon)

Sometimes a national holiday, sometimes a village fair or simple the fading memory of yesteryear: Thanksgiiving. Independently from the bustling, the festive meal, the family get-together this specially dedicated day brings with it, it is still the central idea that remains in the focus: the thankfulness for what we have: rich harvests which never let us come away empty handed, busy and loving hands that prepare the richly decorated tables, which never make us go hungry. None of it should be taken for granted, and yet too much of it too often is. Let us take a moment to reflect on all the things we can be thankful for while enjoying this tea made of bounties of nature and rich harvests.


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Stock:  12 bag
Chakra Tea

Come and begin a journey through your body and bring it with spirit and soul into harmony. Let the effect of all these individual spices and colours do their deed. Chakra is Sanskrit for Wheel. From the root to the crown, the energy is flowing.


Stock:  16 bag
Sunny Disposition (Cape Gooseberry/Orange)

The cape gooseberry is already well known in the world of gourmets and cocktail bars. We have combined its unique taste and clolourful optic with a fresh orange to form a fruit tea blend, which is low in acid. Its taste will surely capture your attention! Enjoyed hot or on ice, this creation will put anyone into a good, sunny mood - not only on bad weather days!


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Stock:  19 bag

The fresh and significant peach note selected particularly for this fruit creation, is nearly equal to the strong ginger spice flavour. A balanced taste combination, whose soft sweetness and fruitness perfectly harmonise with the dominant spice of the ginger. Sweet, air-dried apple pieces are the basis of this neutral fruit tea. The result is an acid-reduced blend, which also fulfils the requirements of the pleasure of fruity taste.


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Stock:  18 bag
Orange Ice Cream   [Preorder]
Orange Ice Cream

While sniffing into the bag you can already notice: the name leads the way! The fruity, creamy aromas of orange, vanilla and cream are coated with a sweetly fresh touch of Moroccan Nana-Mint. An excellent imitation of the cold feeling of real ice cream. Instead of hibiscus and rose hip peel we chose a small amount of sour apple pieces for the nippy base of this creation which will make your mouth water in anticipation!


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Stock:  0 bag
Merry Cranberry (Cranberry/Eggnog)

This cranberry already starts being merry in the fall, beginning to quietly ring the festive bell. Not too much, but just a little dash of eggnog, in combination with autumnal, fruity - tangy flavours. Bright red cranberry slices, cinnamon rods and star aniseed the darker getting evenings. Why not already chance a hidden kiss underneath the mistletoe?


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Stock:  1 bag
Fruits Only   [Preorder]
Fruits Only

Colourful and healty. An extravagant fruit tea blend for lovers of unflavoured varieties: apple pieces and exotic fruits represent the sweet base, citrus fruits and a touch of hibiscus yield a softly tangy aroma. A completely juicy experience with just the right touch of "body".


Stock:  0 bag
Fair Almond

The high portion of sweet apple pieces embosses a low in acid base and its red colour nuance comes from the added beetroot. The flavour note is determined by tempting, sweet, roasted, caramelised almonds. It is a taste experience which your nose and palate knows and loves from spring and summer fun fairs, the October Fest and Christmas markets. Our tip: simply try it and ... enjoy! For a perfect taste impact brew the tea for 10 minutes.


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Stock:  9 bag


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