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Lemon   [Preorder]

A refreshing, sour fruit, which can be used in so many ways! It is available all year round, as this fruit can stay on the tree for months without losing any of its qualities. Our natural lemon oil gives a lively and refreshing taste to this fruit tea blend. The moss green, dried lemon grass not only gives this blend a beautiful appearance, it also enhances the fresh, lemon-like character.


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This heavenly, fruity, spicy, sweet composition is made up of numerous single components and flavours. The balanced flavour comes from fresh, ripe, soft pears and a sweet cinnamon nuance. A dash of soft cream gives the final polish. Cinnamon does not necessarily mean Christmas! Accept this attractive fruit tea blend as a compensation for a missed dessert, you will love it.


Stock:  8 bag
Sea Buckthorn

Very popular in the coastal of Northern Germany, this extraordinary berry has found increasing interest in other parts of the world. The sea buckthorn is a very versatile plant. It does not need rich soil to grow, and is, therefore, used to keep dams and dunes in shape. The sea buckthorn's positive effects have been known in Asia for over 2,000 years. The berry is very rich in juice and has a bright orange colour. The taste is slightly tangy with a hint of sweetness. The surprising, yet, somehow familiar flavour on our select fruit tea base is a real treat for both, young and old, to enjoy.


Stock:  16 bag
Piña Colada (Coconut/Pineapple)

The non-alcoholic equivalent to the popular and world-famous cocktail classic is hot on the trail of its counterpart. A lively, fresh and fruity taste thanks to appetizing pineapple, a hint of cream, as well as a dash of fine coconut aroma are the secrets of this very delicious tea variety. The exotic Piña Colada tea has turned into a classic very quickly, and truly belongs to our all-time hot sellers. This highly attractive tea creation should not be missing in any standard assortment. This hot cocktail is a must; try it on green tea or Rooibos tea basis as well!


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Blood Orange

We can only enjoy this well-loved fruit from Italy between December and March. With our fruit tea blend, this wonderfully refreshing and slightly tangy blood orange taste can be enjoyed anytime we desire. A clear, typical taste with a strong character. It distinctly stands out from the familiar sweet orange. The carefully selected fruit pieces of our basic blend without berries provide the ideal taste and have been enriched with the rust-coloured fibres of bright safflower blossoms, matching the orange-red peel of the real fruit. A lively, fruity blend which should really be in every assortment.


Stock:  2 bag
Bora Bora (Strawberry/Mango)

This creation is just as proud as the volcanic island by the same name. To do this name justice, we have not used one of our basic blends, but composed this blend in a particularly careful manner, clearly evident in the choice of many select fruits. It has also been enriched with shining blue and yellow blossoms and ennobled with the finest flavours of southern fruits. Here, sweet and tangy flavours and red and yellow fruits complement one another particularly well. An absolute top seller in our diversified product range.


Stock:  19 bag

A remarkable fruit tea blend, which lives up to its name. In terms of appearance, huge red strawberry pieces and whole raspberries fight for attention, but then they shake hands when it comes to taste. These delicate berries are very resistant when freeze-dried and maintain their natural aspect. This blend reminds you of plucking berries in midsummer, to be the sweetened whipped cream.


Stock:  3 bag
Hamburger Grütze (Black Currant)

This select blend of various berries, enriched with many red fruits is rounded off by the flavour of the popular northern German dessert. The original dessert is similar to a pudding, which is prepared with whole berries. This blend has sour, tart and sweet, berry nuances. This treat makes you want more and more tea pleasure!


Stock:  18 bag
Wild Cherry   [Preorder]
Wild Cherry

A real classic among fruit teas. The very intense aroma of wild cherries is pure delight to all those who like strong flavours. The very fruity flavour complements the typical scent of wild cherries. The full aroma of ripe, juicy cherries makes this speciality an incomparable taste sensation. This creation can be served cold, or alternatively mixed with cherry juice - try it!


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The strawberry is considered the queen among berries. They say the smaller the fruit, the intense the the aroma. The look of our decorative, large pieces of the queen of berries promises a great taste: a fruity and creamy composition of fruit and berries, refined with full, intense strawberry flavours and cream notes, melts on your tongue. In combination, both tastes offer an unforgettable fruity and tender pleasure. The added juicy pineapple pieces add still further juiciness.


Stock:  20 bag


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