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Green Tea

Thailand • CHOUI FONG   [Preorder]
Thailand • CHOUI FONG

While a large proportion of the teas cultivated in Thailand are based on imported know-how from Taiwan, this variety is a purely Thai craftwork. Thanks to the excellent climatic conditions at altitudes of up to 1,200 m this tea ripened into a premium quality. The visual impression: long, roughly rolled, anthracite-coloured leaf with some silvery tips. The flavour: flowery scent with body. Delicately fruity flavours remain on your palate.


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Thailand • JINXUAN Oolong

Exceptional green Oolong teas which match or even excel high quality green Formosa Jade Oolongs, have been produced for over 50 years now in the north of Thailand at the foot of the Mountain "Doi Phayapai". The basis for these are imported tea plants from the Taiwanese highlands, coupled with the extensive knowhow of Taiwanese tea makers who chaperon the cultivation and make continuous improvements. Here, we have selected a quality, which enthuses with its dark green, finely rolled leaf. The infusion unfolds a glowing, citrus-coloured cup with an exceptionally flowery scent. The flavour-intensive bouquet and the smooth, but noticeable sweetness remains on your taste buds for a while after enjoying this masterful tea.


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