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Malawi, the small country in the East African Rift Valley, kepps real tea treasures hidden amongst its mountains, valleys and lakes. The highland right around the imposing Mount Mulantje is known worldwide for its tea tradition.


In 1923, Maclean Kay founded the Satemwa Estate, which is still today the oldest family-run tea plantation in Malawi. Satemwa is one of the only plantations in Africa that have decided to cultivate and produce black, green, half-fermented, white and even Pu-Erh specialities. Fields with Chinese tea bushes, some of which were already planted in 1928, together with the high altitudes of up to 1,300 m and a unique climate form the basis for the specialities, which we would like to present to you here. These qualities are only picked during a particular period of time and, hence, are only available in limited amounts.

Our varieties bring the most beautiful parts of Malawi into your cup: the radiant sun, the vastness of the countryside, the hospitality of the people, the happy laughter of the children: and, of course, pure indulgence! „Yendani Bwindo” means „safe journey” in Chichewa, the national language. Come with us on this journey and experience the saying: „anyone who has ever experienced Africa will leave part of his heart behind and a part of Africa will remain in his heart forever”.

Black Tea [2 pcs]
Green Tea [1 pcs]
White Tea [2 pcs]