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Black Tea

Malawi Satemwa • Pu-Erh   [Remnants and Oddments]
Malawi Satemwa • Pu-Erh

We were surprised when we first met with this Pu-Erh from Malawi! Produced following traditional methods, yet of African origin, this tea has a somewhat irregular leaf. The taste, however, is all the more impressive, with an unusually soft, mild and yet typically earthy character. The harmonic aftertaste is pleasantly spicy. This product will surely set new standards and is particularly recommendable to Pu-Erh ”beginners”. Let yourself be surprised!


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Malawi Satemwa • THYOLO dark-fired

Let us now begin with the section of truly unique teas! "Dark-fired" already hints at it: this tea is dried using somewhat higher temperatures. This does not mean, however, that this has a negative effect on the quality. Flowery, with a slight Ceylon highgrown aroma and nuances of grapes, olive-green in the cup and enjoyed with a soft nutmeg flavour which will remain on the tongue for some time, This speciality is also a real gem in its optic with a large, twisted, dark leaf, which reminds of a classical Oolong.


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