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White Tea

Malawi Satemwa • BVUMBWE Peony

Those who have always believed that white teas always have a medium to lightly green leaf are proven wrong with this variety. As opposed to its brother „Thyolo” the bronze-coloured leaf of the „Bvumbwe” seems more like a premium „Formosa Oolong”. The leaves of a special tea field in Satemwa are responsible for this. Still on the bush, they already glow delicately red and then change their colour even further during the withering process. Remarkable is also the light, fresh, malty caramel flavour. This is an exceptional quality, which can only be harvested by especially trained tea pluckers and following special standards.


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Malawi Satemwa • THYOLO Peony

White tea and its various versions are originally from China. Due to its continuous popularity, other cultivation countries have started to also create these teas. Both for our characteristically totally different Peony varieties are based on the same unique climate and the more than 80 years old Chinese tea shrubs. Not quantity is what counts here but quality! The pale-yellow infusion of the lime-green leaves has a slightly herbal scent and tastes delicately smooth with some touches of rose and lime blossoms. A wonderful delicacy for all green tea lovers!


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