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Mango/Fig   [Remnants and Oddments]

Neither the fig nor the mango is shy in this blend! On the contrary: they perfectly complement each other in the taste and optic and attract all the attention to themselves. Juicy, fresh and ripe gold meets sweet-soft pink/green - a combination which will long be remembered, even after the last drop has trickled down your throat.


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Fall Foliage (Cherry/Fig/Pumpkin)

Who doesn't know this deep feeling of conviction that it is still summer?! Nevertheless, the days will start to get shorter and cooler, with some fog patches in the mornings. But you still don't really want to realise that the summer is slowly coming to an end. However, a golden fall is also wonderfully colourful with its harvest and multicoloured, rustling leaves on trees and in alleyways. This herb tea creation with the taste of sunny, juicy cherries, sweet figs and a hint of orange-glowing pumpkin and autumnal spices is for all those who are not yet ready for winter.


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Malawi Satemwa • Oolong Type THYOLO   [Remnants and Oddments]
Malawi Satemwa • Oolong Type THYOLO

Here we are presenting you with a further, very interesting quality from the Satemwa plantation. Named after the capital city of the cultivation region and a close-by mountain, this variety is cultivated at an altitude of approximately 1,200 m. Freshly brewed, the hand-rolled, extremely fragile leaves dispense a slight scent of lime blossoms. The cup reflects golden-yellow colours and the taste is fresh, grassy with slight vegetable-like notes. This is an exceptional talent in the world of Oolong teas.


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Nepal • JUN CHIYABARI   [Remnants and Oddments]

The success story started in the year 2000 when three tea lovers founded this fine, exclusive, 75 hectares large tea garden in East Nepal in order to produce, amongst other teas, half-fermented premium qualities in close corporation with several smaller farms. Serious competition for the Oolongs from Darjeeling and Formosa with an annual export of only a few lots with just under 100 kg net produce each. Both tea leaves and infusion have an intense scent of hay flowers, a complex, freshly aromatic and slightly earthy character with a delicately sweet spiciness.




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Korea • Bamboo-leaf Tea (organic)

Bamboo-leaf tea is a complete novelty for the European market. The leaves come uniquely from naturally growing bamboo and are hand-plucked in one of the best bamboo regions in Korea. Also due to its beneficial effects, this specialty has gained many followers in the shortest time. Bamboo-leaf tea contains no caffeine and displays a very pleasant, mild, slightly sweet flavour. The big, light green leaf develops a shining gold-green cup with a scented bouquet. Bamboo-leaf tea can be brewed up to two times.




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