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Half-fermented Tea

Formosa • Oolong

Oolong is a speciality, which had originally been produced in the Taiwanese mountains. After plucking, the teas are fermented to approximately 50% and then wilted in the sun. Frequent turning of the tea in bamboo baskets during the drying process allows the Oolong to develop a mild aroma and a large, wildly curled leaf. After brewing, the still green leaf centre with the fermented leaf edges becomes clearly visible. It is very light in the cup and has a very flowery and spicy taste.


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Formosa • Oolong • BUTTERFLY OF TAIWAN

This leaf with its many shades of green and brown is only produced in the Taiwanese highlands. Stopping the fermentation process at the right moment leaves only the edges fermented, whereas the leaf centre remains green. This quality has a fleshier and more finely processed leaf than standard Oolongs. The cup shines a brassy colour. The infusion shows the blaze of colour with the differences between intense green and brown colours. The tea has a slight black tea character with a pleasant sweetness and a slightly doughy note.


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Formosa • Fancy Oolong   [Preorder]
Formosa • Fancy Oolong

The word Oolong means "black dragon" and bears an indication of the particular production method. This select Oolong speciality fascinates with its beautiful, open and very carefully processed leaf. The many silvery-white tips are high-grade, unfermented leaf tips. They do not only look good, but also give a very remarkable tenderness to the tea. The elegant, very harmonious and flowery aroma is the reason why so many tea experts call it "champagne among the teas". An absolute dream for Oolong specialists!


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Formosa • Dark Pearl Oolong

A tea like an exquisite little paradise! The Dark Pearl Oolong is cultivated in the Tai Tung Region in eastern Taiwan and belongs to those Oolongs that are fremented longer. The excellent climatic conditions with overrich rainfalls and plenty of sunshine form the ideal preconditions for this wonderful tea. The leaves are plucked carefully by hand and brought into their well-developed pearl form again by hand after the production. The glowing amber cup envelops a highly aromatic scent of tropical fruits, the flavour notes of which you will detect again on your palate.


Stock:  12 bag
Formosa Superior • Top Fancy Oolong

The best we have offered in the last years. Finest, white leaf tips crown the marvellous Oolong leaf. Also in the infusion, the leaf structure of whole shoots is clearly visible. An intense flowery bouquet and a highly aromatic, very soft cup are overwhelming. A slightly doughy spiciness completes this extraordinary treat. A top tea for connoisseurs; its noble taste lingers for a long time. A highly aromatic sweetness and a distinct flower characterise this unique treasure.

RARITY!!! Limited production!


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