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White Tea

China • Yunnan Special White Leaf Tea

A further version of the "White tea", this time from Yunnan! This quality is grown at altitudes of between 1,300 and 2,000 m with average temperatures varying between 12 to 23°C. The large, open, light green leaf with its high portions of silvery-coloured tips leaves a soft, mild and, at the same time, fruity bouquet in the cup. The infusion has a flowery scent and the colour reminds of sunrise.


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China • PAI MU TAN (organic)

Pai Mu Tan is the best-known speciality within the category "White Tea" and is finding more and more friends all over the world. A tea plant called Chaicha or Narcissus grows in the province of Fujian and is also known as "White Peony". After plucking, the tea is dried in the sun or in closed rooms without further technical aid. The leaf shows many shades of green, is very voluminous with different structures and a nice portion of longish, silvery-white leaf tips. The cup colour is a shimmering amber tone, and is elegantly spicy.


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China • Cui Min Qingshan (organic)

This tea is hand-picked on the Qingshan Tea Farm in the countryside of the province of Hunan at an altitude of approximately 750 m. Our quality was plucked during the spring harvest, between the end of March and the beginning of April. Only un-opened buds are selected and processed for this tea. The infusion is mild, aromatic and has a slight hay-like flavour. 


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China • Snow Buds

This tea is a further jewel from the immense treasure vault of Chinese specialities. For more than 100 years, this tea has been produced in the southaest of the Chinese mountains at altitude of about 1,000 m. After the traditional hand plucking, this tea is only fermented for a very short time, in order to save the tea's "green soul". The very homogenous leaf of a light green colour offers a further particularity in the silvery, shimmering back of the leaf. The thorough "two leaves and a bud" plucking is clearly visible. The cup shimmers light green with a slight shade of champagne. The taste is spicy with a mild, slightly fruity note. A treat of the special kind.


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