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Black Tea


China • Rose Tea

This tea belongs to the classical "scented tea". In China, it is also known as Meigui Hongcha. The tea is processed in a traditional way: red rose petals and the tea leaves are layered during the production process, and after the right quality has been achieved, sieving separates them. Chinese Rose Tea is thus given its typically sweet, full taste and its flowery flavour. Connoisseurs improve its note with a dash of cream or milk.


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China • Lichee-Tea

A classical version of the so-called „scented teas” which is called „Lihi Hongcha” in China. Litchi is one of the most popular fruits in Southern China. This tea is sprayed with the freshly squeezed juice of ripe litchis after the fermentation. Afterwards, it is blended and dried. This medium-strong tea with its pleasant, fruity flavour is ideal as a delicious ice tea in summer. The fine leaf develops a fruity, sweet taste in the cup, with a mild note of smoky Keemun.


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China • Anhui • OP • Keemun

Keemun is one of the most important teas in China. It is grown in the province of Anhui, in Central China. Despite its great popularity it has only been produced since 1875. Before this time, only green teas had been produced in Anhui. Our Keemun OP is a soft, finely aromatic and very mild tea, with a marvellous, regular Sinensis leaf. The cup colour shines dark red; the bouquet is spicy and sweetish.


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China • Yunnan • FOP   [Preorder]
China • Yunnan • FOP

In the province of Yunnan, in southwest China, tea has been grown and produced as green tea for approximately 1,700 years. The production of black teas commenced in this region only in 1939. Due to its geographical location and climatic conditions, Yunnan can be compared to Assam. Our Yunnan FOP is a medium-strong, spicy tea, has a dark, medium-long leaf with some bronze-coloured tips. The slightly sweet and earthy taste and its earthy, woody bouquet give a unique character to this tea.


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When plucking this tea, not the youngest leaves and the bud are taken, but the Souchong leaf: riper, larger leaves from the lower parts of the tea bushes. After fermentation, these leaves are put on hot iron pans or iron plates and roasted for a short time, and then the tea is smoked over pine woods rich is resin. The smoking time is determined for each type separately (Lapsang Souchong, Tarry Lapsang Souchong or Lapsang Souchong Crocodile). Our LAPSANG SOUCHONG has a large, open, slightly greyish to black leaf with a sharp note of smoke. The taste is smoky and spicy.


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China • Anhui • OP • Keemun (organic)

The trend towards organically produced foods has also reached the world of teas. Today, almost all cultivation areas offer organically produced tea. The Keemun region is no exception. Our organic version comes from the Chinese province of Anhui and is a mild, finely-aromatic and very light tea with a beautifully structured Sinensis leaf. The cup colour is a shining red-brown and the bouquet is spicily-sweet a hint of smokiness.


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China • Fujian • Black Gunpowder

Experienced tea experts carefully process this tea from the Eastern part of Chinese Province of Fujian, also called „Black Pearls”, by hand and according to tradition. It presents a pleasantly aromatic, mild and full-bodied taste with a very slight smoky note. The leaf has been rolled to pearls and has a shining anthracite colour. The infusion is medium-dark, the bouquet aromatic and round.


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China • Yunnan Pu-Erh

Pu-Erh or Pu-er teas are teas whose leaves are re-hydrated after fermentation, to enable a second fermentation; they are called post-fermented teas. After production, these teas are stored in cool cellars or burried in the ground for one or more years. Our quality is the most popular and best sold worldwide. The dark to light brown Sinensis leaf develops a strong, spicy and earthy taste and – depending on the brewing time – an earthy and woody flavour. The infusion has a dark red colour.


Stock:  16 bag
China • Yunnan • IMPERIAL

The principal growing regions in Yunnan are located at altitudes of 1,200 to 2,000 m and have annual average temperatures of between 12 - 23°C. Here, high-grade, black and green qualities are produced. The very high portion of large, golden leaf tips gives the full sweet, spicy taste and malty, soft aftertaste to the Yunnan Imperial. Our Yunnan Imperial is an excellent top quality tea. The large leaf is dark, matt and green and contains many bronze-coloured tips; the infusion is strong and dark.


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China • Yunnan Pu-Erh (organic)

Centuries ago, when this tea was only reserved for the privileged Chinese and was still traditionally buried in the soil in order to develop the typical taste, nobody would have been able to imagine that this would once develop industrial dimensions, not to think of an organic version. Thanks to special techniques and the necessary demand, this is now possible. We have selected a very well-established quality which is remarkable due to its dark-brown leaf and a strong, spicily-earthy taste. Depending on the brewing time and dosage, an infusion with an earthy, woody flavour and a darkly red-brown cup is the result.


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