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Black Tea


Assam • OP1 • Leaf Blend

This new addition to our Assam range allows us to offer you yet another attractively priced consumer quality. Right towards the end of the harvest, at the end of August, any surplus teas are being offered at very attractive conditions. However, we don't simply care for the price, rather, we especially look for teas with an expressive, long, black leaf, a medium, copper-coloured cup and a slightly spicy, malty character. Ideal for beginners and price-sensitive tea drinkers.


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Assam • Leaf Blend

A nicely priced, good consumer quality for daily use. We blend this Assam leaf blend in our facilities using select Assam qualities that are chosen from different tea plantations in the country of origin. The infusion of these black, well-processed leaves with light tips is strong and dark and has an earthy, spicy taste and a malty note. The scent is spicy and strong.


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Assam • GBOP • HATHIKULI (organic)

The Hathikuli Tea Estate cultivates noticeably pretty teas on one of the largest certified organic cultivation areas in the Assam Valley south of the River Bramaputhra. We have selected this Broken, because it convinced us with its very pretty, rough optic and its malty, slightly bread-like flavour. Let yourself be delighted by its glowing copper-coloured cup with a strong and spicy scent.


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Assam • BP • NAMDANG

At the end of the 19th century Namdang Tea Company, a subsidary of the Assam Railways & Trading Company, established this garden. The plantation areas are divided into two areas named Namdang and Namtok, south of the river Dehind and north of the Patkai Mountains. The CTC production method gives this broken tea a very strong and dark-coloured cup. The taste is heavy and spicy with a doughty note. Divine with cream and rock sugar!


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With this rough broken tea, we are presenting a further interesting Assam plantation. It is situated in the district of Dibrugarh on the northern bank of the Brahmaputra and has been producing very fine, aromatic orthodox and CTC teas for many years. Our imports have striking, rough, small leaves with many golden tips. The dark infusion reminds the nose a little of fresh white bread and has a spicy and malty taste.


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A totally atypical leaf for Assam lovers: a strinkingly even, medium-sized, pine needle-shaped leaf with lots of tips. The infusion is medium dark. On the tongue we experience a soft, somewhat medium to strong taste with a slightly malty aftertaste. This Assam has a nicely aromatic and spicy flavour. In comparison to others, this is a high-quality consumer tea.


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A classical Assam from the second plucking period from one of the top plantations of the region. For almost 100 years now, excellent teas have been produced here, just like our quality with its wiry, colourful leaf and  the strong and spicy flavour with a rich, malty character. A real delicacy, either drunk pure or with Kluntje (rock sugar) and cream, like in Eastern Frisia. Should definitely form part of any upscale tea assortment.


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The Doom Dooma River winds its way through the picturesquely located tea garden and contributes significantly to watering the tea plantation, which has a size of over 658 hectares. Its beautiful leaf catches the eye: very even, wiry, long and with lots of golden-brown tips. And its inspiring taste: strong and fully spicy, copper-coloured in the cup with a spicy, slightly malty note ... a real gentlemen's tea!


Stock:  7 bag

The tea plantation Margherita was founded in 1884 and is situated in the Indian district of Tinsukia. The total surface area of this tea garden is 946 hectares, of which approx. 614 hectares are used for the cultivation of tea. The city of Margherita that was named after a former Italian queen also gave its name to the plantation nearby. The well-shaped fine leaf with its golden tips develops a dark cup and a strong, spicy scent in the infusion. The full-bodied and strong flavour remains on the tongue for a long time.


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The Hunwal Garden is located in Jorhat, in the Indian State of Assam, south of the river Brahmaputra. The relatively low altitude of about 1,000 m above sea-level, which is atypical of Assam, and the resulting cooler day - and night time temperatures and the inherent slower growth of the plants guarantee very rich, strong qualities. This well-processed tea is from the second plucking period. It is very spicy and strong, with a distinct aftertaste and a malty and harmonious bouquet.


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