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Black Tea

Ceylon Uva • (OP) • HIGHGROWN

We would like to offer this carefully selected, quality tea, which comes from altitudes of between 1,000 and 2,300 m. The very well-processed, wiry, slightly reddish leaf with its medium-strong, well-balanced spiciness makes this tea a smart choice as a complement to each Ceylon assortment. The bright copper-coloured cup offers us a strong and spicy aroma with a touch of malt. A real treat at many time of day!


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Ceylon Nuwara Eliya • Pekoe • LOVER'S LEAP

A long time ago, a lady, who jumped to her death from the cliffs together with her lover of inferior rank, involuntarily bestowed this romantic name to the plantation. A top tea from the Nuwara Eliya-District, which offers a soft, highly aromatic flavour. A delicate, slightly reddish Pekoe leaf, with a golden cup and a flowery bouquet typical of these altitudes. In every case a tea for lovers.


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Ceylon Uva • (BOP) • AISLABY

The plantation Aislaby produces an outstanding quality during the peak plucking phase, between July and September. This high quality, slightly reddish, fine sieving makes a highly yielding tea with a strong and spicy taste. The luscious copper-coloured cup develops an aromatic, round flavour. Enjoyed at breakfast time, this tea can help you along to an agile day.


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Ceylon Uva • OP • SARNIA

Different altitudes, different ground structures and changing climatic conditions result in a vast number of different qualities in appearance, taste and bouquet. This tea from the garden Sarnia presents a strikingly original character. A well-processed tea with a reddish, slightly open, fleshy leaf. The highly aromatic taste is so strikingly soft and round that this tea is a valuable addition to each Ceylon assortment. A dark, copper-coloured cup with a spicy, slightly sweet bouquet.


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Ceylon Dimbula • OP • PETTIAGALLA

This quality comes to us from the Dimbula area in the Balangoda District. A tea with a dark red colour, which has been one of our sales hits for years thanks ti its highly aromatic and simultaneuosly mild taste. It should be part of every Ceylon assortment. The leaf is dark, long and wiry; the infusion has a spicy and slightly malty character. This tea can be served with a dash of cream. A good quality at a favourable price.


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Ceylon Uva • (FP) • ST. JAMES

Located in the famous Malwatta Valley in the UVA region, the St. James Estate produces leaf and broken teas of prime quality on a plantation of approximately 300 hectares. The classical Pekoe leaf shows a remarkably thorough processing. The bright, red-golden cup is generally somewhat darker then the UVA highland qualities, which grow at higher altitudes. A full, spicy, very balanced taste harmonises with an aromatic, strong, scented bouquet - a prime quality Ceylon tea for Ceylon connoisseurs.


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Ceylon Uva • OP • KENILWORTH

This popular plantation offers outstanding quality. On a growing area of 308 hectares, this plantation still produces orthodox leaf qualities in large quantities, compared to many other Ceylonese tea gardens. Strikingly beautiful, black, pine needle-shaped leaves, full-bodied in taste. The infusion is a dark-red with an earthy, spicy flavour.


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Ceylon Uva • OP • BLACKWOOD (organic)

This organic Ceylon comes from the Bogawantalwa Valley in the UVA region in Western Sri Lanka. This fertile plantation, which is located at an altitude of between 1,000 m and 1,300 m, is not only famous on account of its commitment to its workers, but, of course, also for its high-quality, organic black tea. The short, wiry, even and dark to rusty brown leaves develop a bright, copper-coloured cup and a bright-red infusion. The bouquet will impress you with its full taste and a mild, spicy aroma, which leaves a very rich aftertaste.


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Ceylon • OP   [Preorder]
Ceylon • OP

We have selected this classic quality coming from the famous island, situated in the Golf of Bengal, for our decaffeinated Ceylon OP. With respect to our decaffeinated qualities, we put a lot of emphasis on being able to identify a high portion of taste and optic. The leaf is anthracite-coloured, long and wiry, mild and yet tender in taste, with a copper-coloured cup.



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Ceylon Dimbula • FOP • RATNAPURA

A top speciality and a real rarity! This nice, fine, pine needle-shaped leaf with many silvery tips comes from the central highlands, south of the city of Kandy in the Dimbula district. The taste is highly aromatic and spicy with a note of its own, reminiscent of mild, malty Assam leaf teas. The cup is dark red with a malty and spicy bouquet. Everyone who loves exquisite qualities must try this tea at least once!



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