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Green Tea


Japan Genmaicha

„Genmaicha” means natural rice. This speciality is made from Bancha tea, to which approximately 50 per cent roasted or popped rice grains have been added. The incomparable taste is characterized by the mildness of the Bancha tea and is ideally complemented by the pleasant, slightly sweet and nutty caramel note. Thanks to the low caffeine content and the fine mildness, this tea can be consumed all day long. Also here, green tea beginners can make their first positive experience. The Japanese prefer this tea for the afternoon hours.


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Japan Sencha • FUKUJYU

This tea is from Shizuoka on the Fujiyama mountain slopes, where half of the Japanese tea is produced. This Sencha is harvested mechanically in autumn. Stalks and broken pieces are removed by hand. Sencha means „steamed tea”. This tea is carefully processed and slightly steamed before rolling and drying. The leaf thus obtains a very fine and fragile structure. The infusion has a shimmering, light olive-green colour. The taste is distinct with a dominant note in the aftertaste and ideal for those who like strong green teas. Besides the taste characteristics, this tea is also most cost effective!


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Japan Kokeicha   [Preorder]
Japan Kokeicha

We are glad to offer you this classic once again! After production, yet beforethe drying process, the „Sencha leaf” is crushed to a pulp and, after addition of rice flour, it is pressed into its traditional form. This green tea thus presents its unmistakeable, regular, pine needle-like appearance. Our Kokeicha has an anthracite leaf and develops an intense, bitter flavour with a citrus-coloured, slightly opaque cup.


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Japan Bancha (organic)   [Preorder]
Japan Bancha (organic)

The Japanese traditionally drink this tea with their meals, and it is considered a classical everyday tea. The large-leaved tea is taken from the lower shoots of the plant. The leaves are rich in minerals, but it contain up to 70 per cent less caffeine than the „Gyokuro” teas, which are won from the young shoots. After brewing, the evenly worked leaf shows its real quality and its fine leaf structure. The taste is very soft, discreet, and slightly grassy. The discreet note makes this tea perfectly suitable both for green tea beginners and lovers.


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Japan Kukicha • toasted (organic)

This green tea quality is largely composed from organic cultivation by leaf stalks, the so-called „Kuki”, which are obtained during the production of Sencha or Bancha. It is, therefore, nearly free of caffeine, but rich in trace elements. Toasted Kukicha is a particular green tea speciality with a strong, sweetish taste. The mild coffee note reminds a little of dark chocolate. Despite its characteristic appearance, its taste is discreet and thus makes it an enjoyable experience. It is suitable both during the day and in the evening.


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Japan Kukicha

We can offer a high-category tea, which is very popular in Japan. For this so-called twig tea, particularly the fine leaf ribs are used and mixed with „Sencha”. The fine, light-green leaf stalks together with the dark green „Sencha” have a beautiful appearence. This classic is very popular, also due to its low caffeine content. As far as taste is concerned, with its fine, tangy, very pleasantly spicy note it resembles a typical „Japan Sencha” of higher category. The cup is lemon-yellow. The light green infusion has a full, spicy smell.


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Japan Sencha • FUJI   [Preorder]
Japan Sencha • FUJI

Sencha” is by far the most popular tea in Japan and accounts for the majority of the local production. This high-quality tea is plucked in the spring and steamed lightly before beeing rolled. The leaf appears to be slightly brittle. After brewing, the fine leaf structure becomes clearly visible. The infusion has a shimmering, deep olive-green colour and the cup is light green. This Sencha has a definitely milder taste than its competitors. With its pleasantly tender note and a light sweetness, this tea is particularly recommended for sensitive taste buds!


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Japan Sencha • YAMATO

If you are looking for a strictly classic green tea, you have found it in this autumn tea of highest quality. It has a very powerful taste with notes of the typical Japanese tanginess and it is very aromatic. This also shows in the full colour of the infusion. A tea with such a distinct taste would probably be too much for beginners, but it is a treat for the long-time green tea connoisseur. Compared to „Sencha Fuji” or „Fukujyu”, this tea is reacher in content and stronger.


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Japan Matcha Genmaicha

This tea is not only a perfectly balanced combination of classical „Sencha” tea leaf, mild „Matcha” and peeled, roasted rice. This widely known variety of „Japanese Genmaicha” respects the highest standards of quality. The lime-coloured cup reveals a light, roasted note. A cup of this tea is a pleasure for all the senses. Wonderfully soft in taste, slightly sweet and with hints of caramel, this tea opens its heart to you... and in return you will be captivated by the spicy sweetness.


Stock:  4 bag
Japan Sencha • UCHIYAMA (organic)

We are glad to introduce you to this Japanese Sencha from controlled organic cultivation! A good, regular tea with small leaf portions and dark-green character is presented to us from a market which is not always easy. The shining yellow infusion offers us a mild-aromatic typical Sencha.


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