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Darjeeling • FTGFOP1 • MONTEVIOT (organic)

The Monteviot Garden is located in the southern Kurseong valley of Darjeeling and was founded in 1856. It produces expressive and highly aromatic Sinensis leaf qualities at altitudes of up to 1,700 m.




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Darjeeling • Himalaya Blend

A classic of our second flush assortment! Appearance: a medium, regular, dark Sinensis leaf with some tips. This consumer second flush tea was blended in the country of origin and is of high-grade quality. The taste is spicy and fully aromatic. Not a common everyday tea, but a delight for every day. The infusion of the Darjeeling Himalaya blend welcomes us with a bronze coloured cup and a harmoniously spicy flower!


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Darjeeling • BOP • MONTEVIOT (organic)

The tea garden Monteviot produces not only excellent qualities during the first picking period, but also wonderful second flush qualities. This finely worked broken tea from organic cultivation was produced following traditional methods and enthuses us with a full-bodied, strong cup with a slightly spice aftertaste. Perfect for tea lovers who are looking for a typical, ripe summer Darjeeling!


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Darjeeling • Leaf Blend

This quality is already blended in the country of origin from high quality garden teas. We selected teas from the medium and late first flush season, which are shipped directly to us. A medium-large, almost black leaf and a light brass colour of the infusion characterise this blend. The taste of this first flush blend leaves a fresh, slightly spicy impression with a little "body", which is also reflected in the scent. Always a treat!


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Darjeeling • GFOP   [Preorder]
Darjeeling • GFOP

A few weeks after summer monsoon and shortly before the onset of the winter season, the sun allows the tea to become fully aromatic, yet mild. In the annual search for top autumnal varieties, we would like to recommend this marvellous autumnal plucking: the leaf is medium-sized, regular, almost multicoloured with rougher brown and green parts. The infusion is a dark amber colour typical for teas of this time of year. The tea is aromatic and mild with a spicy taste and scent.


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Darjeeling • FTGFOP1 • HAPPY VALLEY (organic)

The Happy Valle Teas Estate is located approximately 3 km from the city of Darjeeling. At an altitude of up to 2,750 m, this tea garden has a size of 111 hectares. From April to November visitors have the possibility to watch people who pluck the tea leaves and to learn about the processing of tea. We offer a pure-grade blend of first and second flush leaf tea, which is blended in the country of origin. It is highly aromatic with a full and shining cup. The leaf is medium-sized and regular with bright tips.


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Darjeeling • TGBOP • SOOM  (organic)

As the first flush leaf tea from this garden has become a very successful classic in our assortment, we would like to present to you its "little" brother, of course, also organic. The tea estate, which is surrounded by the mountain river "Little Rangeet", delivers a very high yielding, fresh and full-flavoured broken. Its black, rough, grainy leaf with green tips unfolds a bouquet of scented spiciness after the infusion.


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Darjeeling • FTGFOP1 • JUNGPANA

Close to the city of Darjeeling, at an altitude of between 915 and 1,375 m, you will find the cultivation area of this rather small tea plantation. Jungpana has been known as a high-quality garden for several decades now. The qualities produced, which come mainly made from Chinese bushes, are in high demand worldwide. The "inbetween” we are offering excels due to its well-worked leaf, a light amber cup and an incomparable, slightly flowery, scented bouquet. A special tea with a delicate, fine taste for a perfect Sunday afternoon.


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Darjeeling • BPS • SUNGMA (organic)

This tea has curly leaves with green portions, which is typical of the Souchong rolled leaf processing which is mainly found in northern Indian teas. Its very strong flavour will highly please Darjeeling admirers - even in case of poor water quality. The Sungma Tea Estate is located in the Rung Bong Valley. Here, tea plants are cultivated at altitudes of between 1,420 and 2,360 m above sea level on an area of approximately 281 hectares. This dark and light green Broken Pekoe Souchong (BPS) delights us with its reddish gold shimmering colour. It has a strong and spicy taste and scent.


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In memory of his prematurely deceased daughter Margaret, who had loved this garden very much, the proprietor Mr. Bagdon gave her name to the plantation in the early 1930s. Plants of the Chinese type Thea Sinensis are almost exclusively cultivated on this plantation. The slow growth of the shrubs at the cool, higher altitude of the Himalaya forms the basis for high-grade and fully aromatic qualities! A sparkling, fully aromatic tea from the beginning of the second flush period with a full amber-coloured cup. The bouquet is aromatic, spicy and a bit sweet.


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