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Green Tea

Darjeeling • FTGFOP1 • NAGRI FARM (organic)

During the past few years, the Nagri Farm Plantation, which lies in the Rongbong Valley, has acquired an outstanding reputation for the production of green tea. The plantation is spread over an area of 571 hectares at altitudes of up to 1,400 m and has a yearly production of around 190,000 kg of tea. The bushes grow slowly in the cool mountain air and the aroma and leaves can develop perfectly in these ideal conditions. The regular green leaf has some silvery tips and presents its classical, round and soft character in a lemon-yellow cup.


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Darjeeling • FTGFOP1 • TEESTA VALLEY   [Remnants and Oddments]

After having received great feedback from our first flush tea of this garden, we are delighted to present to you this very pretty green tea quality which is cultivated and produced on this tea plantation at altitudes of up to 1,400 m with a view of the Teesta River. As expected from this tea garden, the Sinensis leaf is very well worked with a clear structure and silvery leaf tips. The infusion has a pleasant scent and glows while it is exceptionally soft in the cup for a green tea, albeit very aromatic and with a full body.


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Darjeeling • FTGFOP1 • NAGRI FARM (organic)

Two thirds of the area of this famous tea garden is covered by subtropical rainforest; it already serves as a worldwide standard for organic tea cultivation! The organically grown green teas from this plantation in Darjeeling, on the foot of the Himalaya in northeastern India, have become as popular and rare as their black counterparts. Our quality is a very carefully processed tea with a large, open leaf of bright green color and fine silvery tips. This Makaibari is captivating with its fresh, spicy and tangy taste, the pastel green infusion and the sunny yellow cup color.


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