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South America

Brazilian Mate

This national beverage with caffeine originally comes from Paraguay, southern Brazil and Argentina. The tea comes from the green leaves of a type of holly that is said to have manifold beneficial effects. Therefore, in South America, Mate tea is also called "Beverage of the Gods" or the "Green Gold of the Indios". Drinking Mate out of one cup was a ritual and sometimes had the function of a peace pipe with the natives. Mostly enjoyed outside at the campfire, it became the national drink in almost every country in the continent over the years. The caffeine is bound to tannic substances and is set free in the body very mildly. Hence, its stimulating effects last longer than that of coffee. A short infusion time brings about a stimulating effect, a longer one weakens it.


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Our quality is from the inner bark of the Tecoma-Lapacho tree, also known as "Purple Lapacho Tree" which - compared to the outer bark - is much more homogenous and, above all, less duty and sweeter in taste. Due to its pleasantly mild aroma, which reminds a bit of vanilla or caramel, this tea is very popolar. It contains less tannic acid and no caffeine.

Preparation: Pour only 1 tablespoon (approx. 10 g) per 1 litre water into cold water and wait until it boils; let it boil for approx. 5 minutes and then brew for another 20 minutes.


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Lapacho (Orange/Vanilla)   [Preorder]
Lapacho (Orange/Vanilla)

Is there anything more popular than the flavour combination of orange and vanilla? We have combined this mellow aroma with the unique taste of our Lapacho - a creation which tastes like 7th heaven!


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Mate Sweet Orange

The popular fresh taste of fruity, sweet oranges goes well with the moderately strong, spicy, slightly smoky Mate tea. The strikingly decorated, delicious speciality is a high-grade offer for the rising demand for Mate tea. The well-balanced addition of pleasant liquorice gives the necessary sweetness to this fresh and slightly tangy blend. Similarly to black te, mate tea is stimulating with a short brewing time (5 minutes); this effect diminishes with longer brewing times (10 minutes).


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