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Herb Tea Blends


Fennel Aniseed Blend   [Preorder]
Fennel Aniseed Blend

This blend of different spice seeds harmonizes perfectly. Children love the tender, sweet fennel infusion. The aniseed too, offers a bit of sweetness and, of course, its typical aniseed note. In the background, the caraway gives us its pleasant, spicy, strong variety of flavours. This herb tea blend obtains a perfect and aromatic taste nuance from a little pinch of coriander and does not need further flavouring. Enjoy the original and mild flavour!


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Mokka-Nilla   [Remnants and Oddments]

A paradise for gourmets: the mildly spicy and sweet notes of fennel and aniseed, combined with the full-flavoured, sweet aroma of the cocoa peel put a delicious drink into your cup. Flavour notes of Irish coffee and delicious cream caress this flavour composition wonderfully. In summary: a light, sweet and somewhat spicy herb tea blend with a “gentlemen’s” flavour. A herb tea indulgence of the special kind.


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Free & Easy

The very special look of this herb tea blend promises an extraordinary pleasure through its manifold colorful ingredients. The selected fruit pieces as well as original spices give freshness and flavor to this spice tea. Stinging nettle leaves and wild strawberry leaves bring about a strong green color. Light fennel and bright orange peels result in a spring like taste. Camomile offers a particular spicy but mild note, whereas the fennel contributes its sweet flavor. Since there are no artificial flavors added, this creation fascinates just with its natural, pure taste.


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Cocoa/Orange   [Preorder]

For all sweet teeth who feel a yearning for something sweet while picking herbs: enjoy this without feeling guilty. This tea combines the fruity sweetness of oranges with the finely herb peel of cocoa. The special kick comes from the lemon grass in combination with apples. Let yourself be seduced!


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Mint Variety   [Preorder]
Mint Variety

This is peppermint – popular, classical, traditional – with a new, lively freshness. That is the success of this herb tea blend. Very literally refreshing. The attractiveness of rose and mallow petals harmonizes perfectly with the unforgettable flavour combination of peppermint and lemon grass.


Stock:  26 bag

A tea indulgence characterised by its lightness, which will cater for tranquillity and quietness not only in the evenings. Lean back, close your eyes and enjoy the moment... The bright yellow marigold blossoms and blue lavender blossoms charmingly decorate this blend. Blackberry leaves, apple pieces and fennel take care of the wonderfully mild, smooth flavour with a light sweetness. The caraway yields a hint of spiciness and the Melissa leaves add their pleasant freshness. The slightly flowery aroma of the lavender blossoms will caress your palate. An indulgence, which will enthuse completely without any added flavouring.


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Family Tea   [Preorder]
Family Tea

This really is a tea for the whole family. Its secret are the many fine and very mild ingredients forming the basis for this almost acid free specialty. A beverage created for young and old. The pleasant sweetness derives from a big quantity of apple pieces enriched with fresh and aromatic peppermint. Leaves of numerous berry bushes and colorful and bright spice blossoms enhance the quality of this blend.


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Bad Weather (Liquorice)

Like every year, the time comes, when the pleasant and warm summer goes and autumn with its dark clouds that bring us rainy and stormy days looks around the corner. On such a bad weather day you long for something hot to feel better. Our classic among the herb teas is just right to care for you. A marvellous and exquisite blend of different herbs brings back gone summer days. The mild and slightly sweet taste of this composition will get you through a rainy day easily. Your tongue will be fascinated by the strong fennel and aniseed flavor.


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Mango/Ginger   [Preorder]

Our star for ginger lovers: the original, fresh, aromatic and spicy flavour of the ginger is a culinary delight. The apple and mango cubes in this blend soften and sweeten its natural energy a little. Juicy flavours of mango and orange refine the cup to perfection – “Yum”!


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Lemon Grass/Strawberry   [Preorder]
Lemon Grass/Strawberry

This smooth herb tea blend has an expressive flavour composition. The fresh, pleasantly scented flavour of the lemon grass is underlined by the sweetness of the fruit pieces. The added strawberry flavours, with some exotic influences, rounds off the taste experience. A blend which unveils more secrets than your nose can catch in the first breath.


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