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Wellness Tea



This mild creation is given fruity sweetness by the apple pieces and carrot flakes and a touch of freshness by eucalyptus leaves, lemon grass, tangerine bits and a nuance of hibiscus. Beetroot pieces lend their colour to the cup along with a slightly earthy note. Dried orange slices are an optical reminder of the fresh citrus flavour of this absolutely perfect composition.


Stock:  18 bag
Chakra Tea

Come and begin a journey through your body and bring it with spirit and soul into harmony. Let the effect of all these individual spices and colours do their deed. Chakra is Sanskrit for Wheel. From the root to the crown, the energy is flowing.


Stock:  16 bag
Cranberry/Assai (Acai)   [Preorder]
Cranberry/Assai (Acai)

The aromas of these two fruits, famous through their naturally distinct nutrient profile and very well-known to us by now, have stolen the stage in our Wellness/Herb tea sector. Bright cranberry slices relax like a prima donna on a bed of green, "iron" nettle and verbena leaves.


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The term Reiki is formed by the Japanese terms rei (cosmos) and ki (spiritual energy). Reiki is an ancient spiritual healing method. This holistic therapy is said to bring about healing on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. This sense of wellbeing forms the basis of our newest tea creation! Our well-balanced of herbs, fruits and blossoms with its delicate sweetness, thanks to fruity mango and sweet apple pieces, as well as its freshness, thanks to a helping of lemon grass, is a pure experience of nature - this time without any added flavouring.


Stock:  2 bag
Sencha • Kombucha (Plum)   [Remnants and Oddments]
Sencha • Kombucha (Plum)

The Kombucha fungus is a symbiosis of different microorganisms and is said to have many positive and beneficial characteristics. It is assumed that Kombucha originally came from China and was already consumed by the emperors of the Quin dynasty. The extract we are using in this blend immediately dissolves when brewed. The fine, elegant taste of plums and mirabelles is heavenly. The very fruity scent is a pleasure, especially in spring and summer time.


Stock:  1 bag
Fruits Only   [Preorder]
Fruits Only

Colourful and healty. An extravagant fruit tea blend for lovers of unflavoured varieties: apple pieces and exotic fruits represent the sweet base, citrus fruits and a touch of hibiscus yield a softly tangy aroma. A completely juicy experience with just the right touch of "body".


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Anna loves Berries (Pineapple/Strawberry)

Have you already made the acquaintance of the gojiberry? If not, the time is ripe! ÍThe world of teas has found a new "super fruit". The gojiberry, also known as NingXia, wolfberry or boxthorn, distinguishes itself through a very special nutrient profile and its popularity is constantly on the rise. Decorated with brilliant gojiberries, strawberries and blackberries, this creation is a fruity dream in taste and optic, which appeals to all senses.


Stock:  8 bag
Feng Shui Tea (Strawberry/Bergamot)

Feng Shui has the goal to create harmony between human beings and their surroundings. In order to create Chi (positive, free flowing energy), the perfect balance between oneself and the five elements wood, fire, earth, metal and water has to be achived. According to Feng Shui, the elements are represented by the colours green, red, yellow, silver and blue as well as the forms twined, pointy, flat, round and curly which all represent an ingredient in our herb tea blend, which is rounded off with the balance of natural flavours. Now it is your turn to add the fifth element WATER for your very own experience of harmony!


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Sencha • Seaweed Wakame

The popularity of wellness products has also caused a growing demand for the use of seawed. The Wakame seaweed (brown seaweed) typically contains important trace elements. We added a large amount of green Mate and lemon grass to this extraordinary blend. Lemon grass adds its fresh and pleasant aroma to the flowery green tea basis.


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Sencha • Red Ginseng

Many effects have been attributed to the ginseng root and the healty characteristics cannot be doubted. The taste of the ginseng root just cannot be described - this composition must be tasted. Tangy citrus flavours enhance the elegant green tea base and the decoration of this wellness drink fascinates through the added freeze-dried pieces of passion fruit.


Stock:  15 bag


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