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Rooibos tea blend, flavoured

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Lemon Spice   [Preorder]
Lemon Spice

Select the highest quality of South African Rooibos teas, add the most popular spices of the world - pepper, cinnamon and cardamom, round it off with the freshness of lemon grass and a flavour combination of summer fresh citrus, a hint of smooth vanilla and a dash of peper - et voilá, you have created a taste to be enjoyed all year long!


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This tea’s name not only reflects its fantastic appearance, but also its sensual taste. Cinnamon and vanilla with a touch of jasmine will take you far away to the magical world of the Orient. Let yourself go and enjoy a trip full of fantasy, colour and excitement and dive into this charmed flavour.


Stock:  5 bag
Lemon   [Preorder]

No compromises! The classical and in this case also natural flavouring of the fruity fresh and very lively lemon is a must on each tea and herbal base. A taste, which does not need unnecessary decoration for a glamorous performance. Added lemon grass brings about a colourful contrast to the fine Rooibos base. The infusion releases the cool, fresh flavour nuances of the lemon grass. A guaranteed big time seller, which draws its power from really conservative nuances.


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Cinnamon Angel   [Remnants and Oddments]
Cinnamon Angel

A tea blend made for the year's festive days. This creation captures the tempting scent of Christmas baking and other delicious things. A heavenly composition with delicious flavours, such as cream and Christmas punch, that tastes like eggnog.


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Vanilla is not only the queen of all spices, but also an unrivalled taste classic among flavored teas. Already used by the Indians and Aztecs as a spice and medicine, the capsule-shaped fruit is unique in its shape and color. The scent which forms after a thorough drying and fermentation process is unmistakably typical. Our successful redbush creations Windhuk is original and spicy in scent and taste, and this is due to the superior quality of our vanilla flavor. Pure and sweet temptation through and through!


Stock:  15 bag

The fruity and spicy combination of exotic cinnamon and delicious plums is often used for the preparation of different foods. The ingredients, in liquid or solid form, are not only part of different sweets from grandma's recipe book but also a clever refinement in upper class restaurants. Fine redbush tea is the perfect basis for such a great and seductive combination of flavors. Its appearance fascinates with bright blue mallow blossoms and cinnamon pieces. Yummy!


Stock:  11 bag
Rooibos Bush Fire (Orange)

Bright safflowers remind of a fiery sunset in the great wide open savannah. The composition of different orange flavors promises a fresh and lively pleasure. The flavorings used are natural, spreading the scent of freshly squeezed oranges. The taste of sun ripe citrus fruits is all southern flair. Full, fruity aromatic pleasure flatters the sweet redbush tea. One of our absolute bestsellers!


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Redbush tea with deliciously hot ginger pieces and colored peppercorns as well as strikingly yellow sunflower blossoms. The heavenly and by now very popular composition of orange and ginger is very pleasant in taste. A balanced and attractive blend which can be enjoyed until late in the evening.


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Strawberry/Cream   [Remnants and Oddments]

A classic among the flavoured teas. This evergreen is a real must in every tea assortment. Taste the excellent combination of juicy and fruity strawberry with tender, sweet cream. It makes you think of fresh strawberries topped with whipped cream, eaten while sitting in the summer sun. The rich decoration with strawberry pieces and coconut shreds is well crafted and balanced. The typical strawberry flavour combined with cream aroma refines our sweet and mild Rooibos basis. A pleasure without limits.


Stock:  31 bag

If you hear eucalyptus, you may be think of the cuddly koalas whose main food consists of these leaves. In this composition we have combined the freshness of eucalyptus with the sweetness of peach and orange. Already by opening the bag, the scent of menthol and fruit takes you away to the wide-open spaces of Australia. Very attractively and colourfully decorated, this composition is a real eye catcher. Orange blossoms and eucalyptus leaves complementone another perfectly and thus guarantee a taste experience of a special kind.


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