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Herb tea blend, flavoured

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Mokka-Nilla   [Remnants and Oddments]

A paradise for gourmets: the mildly spicy and sweet notes of fennel and aniseed, combined with the full-flavoured, sweet aroma of the cocoa peel put a delicious drink into your cup. Flavour notes of Irish coffee and delicious cream caress this flavour composition wonderfully. In summary: a light, sweet and somewhat spicy herb tea blend with a “gentlemen’s” flavour. A herb tea indulgence of the special kind.


Stock:  15 bag
Mate Sweet Orange

The popular fresh taste of fruity, sweet oranges goes well with the moderately strong, spicy, slightly smoky Mate tea. The strikingly decorated, delicious speciality is a high-grade offer for the rising demand for Mate tea. The well-balanced addition of pleasant liquorice gives the necessary sweetness to this fresh and slightly tangy blend. Similarly to black te, mate tea is stimulating with a short brewing time (5 minutes); this effect diminishes with longer brewing times (10 minutes).


Stock:  14 bag
Cocoa/Orange   [Preorder]

For all sweet teeth who feel a yearning for something sweet while picking herbs: enjoy this without feeling guilty. This tea combines the fruity sweetness of oranges with the finely herb peel of cocoa. The special kick comes from the lemon grass in combination with apples. Let yourself be seduced!


Stock:  0 bag

This mild creation is given fruity sweetness by the apple pieces and carrot flakes and a touch of freshness by eucalyptus leaves, lemon grass, tangerine bits and a nuance of hibiscus. Beetroot pieces lend their colour to the cup along with a slightly earthy note. Dried orange slices are an optical reminder of the fresh citrus flavour of this absolutely perfect composition.


Stock:  18 bag
Bad Weather (Liquorice)

Like every year, the time comes, when the pleasant and warm summer goes and autumn with its dark clouds that bring us rainy and stormy days looks around the corner. On such a bad weather day you long for something hot to feel better. Our classic among the herb teas is just right to care for you. A marvellous and exquisite blend of different herbs brings back gone summer days. The mild and slightly sweet taste of this composition will get you through a rainy day easily. Your tongue will be fascinated by the strong fennel and aniseed flavor.


Stock:  16 bag
Mango/Ginger   [Preorder]

Our star for ginger lovers: the original, fresh, aromatic and spicy flavour of the ginger is a culinary delight. The apple and mango cubes in this blend soften and sweeten its natural energy a little. Juicy flavours of mango and orange refine the cup to perfection – “Yum”!


Stock:  14 bag
Lemon Grass/Strawberry   [Preorder]
Lemon Grass/Strawberry

This smooth herb tea blend has an expressive flavour composition. The fresh, pleasantly scented flavour of the lemon grass is underlined by the sweetness of the fruit pieces. The added strawberry flavours, with some exotic influences, rounds off the taste experience. A blend which unveils more secrets than your nose can catch in the first breath.


Stock:  0 bag

For more than five years this very "cool" herb tea blend containing only excellent ingredients has been part of our bestseller assortment. Thanks to our longstanding and loyal suppliers as well as to the very strict and selective purchase policy, we are sure this will stay that way, for the next 5 years at least. But what is so special about this refreshing and pleasant infusion? One important ingredient is liquorice, with its pleasant and strong sweetness, another, the lovely and fruity apple pieces. Very fine lemon grass with its special fresh character and a selective portion of pure refreshing peppermint add the finishing touch. Stay cool and allow yourself this unique taste experience!


Stock:  0 bag
Cranberry/Assai (Acai)   [Preorder]
Cranberry/Assai (Acai)

The aromas of these two fruits, famous through their naturally distinct nutrient profile and very well-known to us by now, have stolen the stage in our Wellness/Herb tea sector. Bright cranberry slices relax like a prima donna on a bed of green, "iron" nettle and verbena leaves.


Stock:  0 bag
Sea of Blossoms (Cherry/Raspberry)

A fine herb tea blend of highest quality! Indeed, this voluminous creation has a true sea of blossoms. Bright colours of pink, yellow, purple, orange and red put you into the mood for an exceptional indulgence. Smooth, harmonic flavours of raspberries, rhubarb and cherries combine the sweet, slightly honey-like flavour of linden blossoms. Dive into this sea of blossoms!


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