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Flavoured Half-fermented Tea

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Oolong • Orange   [Preorder]
Oolong • Orange

This Oolong tea offers you a very special taste experience. It is a half-fermented tea, which, using a sophisticated method, is only fermented at the edges of the fresh tealeaves. With its long, slightly curly leaf, this tea is really impressive and will enchant you with its soft, flowery aroma, which brings ripe peaches to mind. This is the perfect liaison between soft Oolong tea and the fruity, lively, natural orange flavour.


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When the first snow melts in the woods of Canada and roots of the maple tree start taking up water, liquid springtime begins. The Indians already discovered the sweet juice, the gold of Canada. Combined with fine walnuts and the flowery Oolong tea, the sweet maple flavour unfolds to its fullest. This composition promises exceptional indulgence!


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Oolong • Flower of Asia

On the one hand, this exclusive, flavoured Oolong tea will strike you with the soft, spicy cup of the well-known Chinese Oolong tea and, on the other hand, with the intense, flowery, soft note of the Lotus Oolong. This scented creation is rounded off pleasantly with the fresh flavours of ripe passion fruits and apples, and sweetly decorated with pink rosebuds and bright Roman camomile.


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Oolong • Shalimar (Passion Fruit)

A beautiful creation, which will enchant every Oolong lover. In the Orient, the name Shalimar stands for immeasurable wealth and unlimited power. The name best decribes the flair of the lovely, soft, flowery half-fermented tea with the long, slightly curled leaf, flavoured with fruity, fresh passion fruit. This wonderful flavour finds its counterpart in the decoration of red aronia berries, bright mango cubes and dark red rose petals whose fragrance lights up oriental nights.


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