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When thinking of pumpkin, the big, hollow Halloween pumpkins cross your mind. But our new Rooibos variety is not scary at all. The colourful decoration is given life by adding select ingredients such as grass-green stinging nettle leaves, brightly coloured blossoms, and crispy fruits. An extraordinarily fruity and fresh taste sensation not only in autumn.


Stock:  18 bag
Strawberry Milkshake (organic)

Sandy Strawberry sits shyly in her pink-coloured petticoat on the bar stool at the milk bar. Her small heart skips a beat as sees Mac Milk driving up to the bar in his sky-blue Cadillac. Hair greased back, the collar of his leather jacket popped up, he takes her hand and leads her to the jukebox. Together they conquer the dance floor, swing, shake, jazz and are completely taken by the wild beat of Rock n' Roll. A true dreamtea(m), all of which is organic!


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A remarkable fruit tea blend, which lives up to its name. In terms of appearance, huge red strawberry pieces and whole raspberries fight for attention, but then they shake hands when it comes to taste. These delicate berries are very resistant when freeze-dried and maintain their natural aspect. This blend reminds you of plucking berries in midsummer, to be the sweetened whipped cream.


Stock:  14 bag
Sunny Disposition (Cape Gooseberry/Orange)

The cape gooseberry is already well known in the world of gourmets and cocktail bars. We have combined its unique taste and clolourful optic with a fresh orange to form a fruit tea blend, which is low in acid. Its taste will surely capture your attention! Enjoyed hot or on ice, this creation will put anyone into a good, sunny mood - not only on bad weather days!


LOW in ACID!!!


Stock:  19 bag

The fresh and significant peach note selected particularly for this fruit creation, is nearly equal to the strong ginger spice flavour. A balanced taste combination, whose soft sweetness and fruitness perfectly harmonise with the dominant spice of the ginger. Sweet, air-dried apple pieces are the basis of this neutral fruit tea. The result is an acid-reduced blend, which also fulfils the requirements of the pleasure of fruity taste.


LOW in ACID!!!


Stock:  18 bag
Sencha • Mango

Fresh, juicy, ripe mangos - a taste experience of the special kind. Unfortunately, good quality fruits are not available throughout the year. However, if you love their taste and scent, you need no longer miss them. The enchanting smell of this exotic composition already unfolds when opening the bag. A real experience! The mellow „Sencha” base, richly decorated with bright sunflower blossoms, harmonises perfectly with the fruity mango flavour. A tea which must be tasted!


Stock:  18 bag
Sencha • Millenium (Mango)

On occasion of the new millenium, and for the next thousand years, we have created a blend capable of honouring more than one special event: an unusual composition of classic flavours, united with a touch of the unknown. In the meantime, this unusually intense green tea blend has developed into a real hit. The aromatic mango flavour in connection with the mellow „Sencha” base and the rich decoration is tea creation we can only recommend!


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Pomegranate/Grape with pomegranate arils

What will happen if we combine the flavour of the more and more popular pomegranate with the taste of freshly squeezed grape juice directly from the vineyard on base of Rooibos? The results is a fruity fresh, sparkling taste creation, which really prickles on your tongue. The colou of the royal pomegranate and the juiciness and sweetness of the heavy grapes of your favourite vine are also represented in the intensive, violet-red optic of the mallow blossoms, red currants and fruit pieces.


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Magic Moon (Strawberry)   [Preorder]
Magic Moon (Strawberry)

This extraordinary blend of black tea with a portion of green tea enjoys great popularity. This tea is not only strinkingly decorated, the selected ingredients unite to create a completely new taste experience: the sweet papaya interacts harmoniously with the fine tartness of the intensely red, shining rose hip peel. Lightly flavoured with the full, fruity flavours of select, high quality, exotic but also popular domestic fruits - a unique taste sensation. Simply magical!


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Hamburger Grütze (Black Currant)

This select blend of various berries, enriched with many red fruits is rounded off by the flavour of the popular northern German dessert. The original dessert is similar to a pudding, which is prepared with whole berries. This blend has sour, tart and sweet, berry nuances. This treat makes you want more and more tea pleasure!


Stock:  18 bag

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