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Mint Variety   [Preorder]
Mint Variety

This is peppermint – popular, classical, traditional – with a new, lively freshness. That is the success of this herb tea blend. Very literally refreshing. The attractiveness of rose and mallow petals harmonizes perfectly with the unforgettable flavour combination of peppermint and lemon grass.


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Sencha • Lemon

The aromas of brewed green tea and tingling, fresh lemon complement one each another perfectly. The select green tea base perfectly supports the tangy aroma. The added lemon flavour is responsible for a subtle sweetness, which gives a real kick to this tea creation. Consumed either hot or cold, this tea has won many friends over the years and has become a real classic belonging in every green tea assortment.


Stock:  17 bag
South Sea Magic (Mango/Passion Fruit)

The South Sea - home of many exotic, shiny fruits and smells. This extraordinary composition captures the magic of the faraway, dreamlike, sunny places of this world, which are the origin of our dreams. The blazing colours of the added blossoms and the sweet fruit pieces remind you of the colourful South, and the taste of refreshing mango, passion fruit and papaya is like a trip from our hectic day into warmer places. An irresistible taste experience!


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Earl Grey • Blue Flower (Bergamot)

Apart from the noble characteristic taste, the bright blue mallow blossoms give this popular English classic a touch of royal flair. The harmonious interaction of the slightly spicy (China-Ceylon) black tea basis with natural bergamot flavouring let every Earl's heart beat faster!


Stock:  16 bag
Black Candied Apple

The smell of crispy, baked apples brings to mind Grandma's cosy, warm and wonderful kitchen, full of overflowing baskets of home-grown fruits. The intense flavour of candied, sweet, baked apples unfolds on a fine, mild, aromatic black tea blend. A hint of creamy vanilla rounds off the sweetish but at the same time fresh taste experience perfectly. Drinking this unique and intense tea will always remind you of the easy-going days of childhood!


Stock:  15 bag
Assam • Leaf Blend

A nicely priced, good consumer quality for daily use. We blend this Assam leaf blend in our facilities using select Assam qualities that are chosen from different tea plantations in the country of origin. The infusion of these black, well-processed leaves with light tips is strong and dark and has an earthy, spicy taste and a malty note. The scent is spicy and strong.


Stock:  18 bag
China • Rose Tea

This tea belongs to the classical "scented tea". In China, it is also known as Meigui Hongcha. The tea is processed in a traditional way: red rose petals and the tea leaves are layered during the production process, and after the right quality has been achieved, sieving separates them. Chinese Rose Tea is thus given its typically sweet, full taste and its flowery flavour. Connoisseurs improve its note with a dash of cream or milk.


Stock:  21 bag
China • Lichee-Tea   [Preorder]
China • Lichee-Tea

A classical version of the so-called „scented teas” which is called „Lihi Hongcha” in China. Litchi is one of the most popular fruits in Southern China. This tea is sprayed with the freshly squeezed juice of ripe litchis after the fermentation. Afterwards, it is blended and dried. This medium-strong tea with its pleasant, fruity flavour is ideal as a delicious ice tea in summer. The fine leaf develops a fruity, sweet taste in the cup, with a mild note of smoky Keemun.


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Paradiso (Passion Fruit)   [Preorder]
Paradiso (Passion Fruit)

Being one of our top sellers, this blend captures the summer by its abundant decoration. The fine redbush basis has been mixed with blue cornflower and yellow sunflower blossoms - a real eye catcher. The taste is difficult to describe. Beside the expressive passion fruit flavor, a lot of fruit, freshness and exotic ingredients dominate this composition. What can we say - a real fruit bomb!


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Sencha • Ginger

Green tea from China and Ceylon, a new combination! Due to the great demand, which has reached us from around the world, we have included this unusual but convincing creation in our range. The dominant spiciness and the defying subtleness, which the light Bancha” contributes, almost make this blend an everyday tea. Beside the intense, slightly sharp aroma, the ginger roots also play their part in this blend. Pure, straight, distinct - that is what ginger tea tastes like.


Stock:  15 bag

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