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Almond Milk   [Remnants and Oddments]
Almond Milk

Our green tea Almond Milk is a big success! Therefore, due to popular demand, we created the counterpart on a rooibos base. Apart from the popular, fresh and tangy green tea character, this tea resembles its equivalent in terms of flavouring and decoration. A creamy rooibos creation which is going to be a great sales hit thanks to its appearance and taste.


Stock:  14 bag
Golden Orange

The name of this tea describes the intense taste, which really hits your senses. A strong, sun ripened orange combined with mild yoghurt will make you taste the sun on your tongue. The taste is similar to a hard candy, which owns fine, sweet lemony fruit notes. Thanks to the shiny orange peel and bright yoghurt pieces, this tea presents a visual sensation, which unities fruit and freshness. A fresh and aromatic composition, which makes you long for summer to come.


Stock:  15 bag
Sencha • Candied Apple   [Remnants and Oddments]
Sencha • Candied Apple

Candied apples - the thought alone brings back memories of Grandma's kitchen. The sweet and slightly sour taste of a crispy apple caramelised in sugar, combined with our fine green tea blend, makes a delicious green tea variation. A good dash of cream adds a certain softness to this composition. This tea should ideally be enjoyed in a quiet moment, so that you can really live the memories this dream catcher brings.


Stock:  2 bag
The Emperor's 7 Treasures (Peach)

Ever since the Middle Ages, the number seven has been the numeric symbol for perfection and completeness in the world; God created heaven and earth in seven days! Royal ingredients and their noble, blazing colours, enrich this select blend of finest black and green teas. The full, fruity, sweet flavours from a rich and colourful fruit basket, worthy of an emperor, offer a great perfection of taste. A simply fabulous blend with lots of admirers!


Stock:  16 bag
Oriental Spice Blend (Orange/Cinnamon)

In the Middle Ages, spices such as pepper were a valuable means of payment. Also cinnamon and ginger are an integral part of our life, and of local and Oriental cuisine! The mysterious world of the Orient, Aladdin and his magic lamp and exotic smells come to mind when looking at this precious, oriental tea decoration. The aromatic, slightly smoky China-Ceylon blend ennobled with Indian spices and rounded off with natural orange flavouring and a creamy vanilla taste enchants everyone!


Stock:  0 bag
Heavenly Tea (Peach/Apricot)

This extraordinary blend provides heavenly enjoyment! The mild, smoky and full-bodied China-Ceylon blend unities harmoniously with the strong and fruity flavour of peaches and apricots, is given a berry-like nuance by different red fruits and is perfected by a hint of creamy vanilla. This round and balanced tea creation, which has been ennobled by the colours of the blazing sun and the sky, is a heavenly pleasure not only for little angels. A permanent hit in our assortment.


Stock:  16 bag
Orange Cookies

This flavoured black tea is a perfect companion not only in the Christmas season. Its characteristic is its spiciness: a generous portion of sweet apple pieces mastefully rounds off sweet cinnamon bits, spicy coriander, cardamom, cloves and hot, fruity pepper. The scent of juicy oranges and delicate cream complete this unique taste experience.


Stock:  29 bag
Sencha • Cool Temptation (Lemon)

Surf on a cooling wave of perfect refreshment while enjoying this tea blend. The green tea with all its delicate characteristics has met in the golden lemon peel and the whole peppermint leaves, which ensure a cooling kick of freshness.


Stock:  0 bag
Magic of Africa (Pomegranate/Grapefruit)

From North to South, from Algeria to South Africa you can find the magic of Africa. From the stunning views of the Kilimanjaro to the sunny beaches of Zanzibar you can feel this special something that we have captured in this Rooibos Fruity-fresh pomegranate meets tangy grapefruit and takes you on a journey to a far away continent full of secrets.


Stock:  0 bag
Apple Strudel   [Preorder]
Apple Strudel

The apple strudel is a traditional Austrian dessert, which, however, has its origin in Turkey. Cooks in Vienna drew inspiration from „Baklava” during the Turkish siege. Our fruit creation is spicy and fruity with a deliciously creamy aftertaste. Just like the freshly served, steaming apple strudel from Vienna. In this expressive blend the air-dried apple pieces and strong cinnamon pieces are responsible for the treat it offers both, the palate and the eyes. The large portion of cream flavour rounds the taste off softly and gives this blend the typical apple strudel taste.


Stock:  0 bag

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