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Sencha • Vanilla

Vanilla is probably the most popular of all flavours. Is it also your favourite? Then you should try our great green tea blend! The sweet and creamy vanilla notes in connection with the subtle caramel character create a full vanilla experience. The elegant green tea base most suitably supports the rich vanilla flavour. A real classic that should be an integrated part of each green tea assortment.


Stock:  11 bag
Bora Bora (Strawberry/Mango)

This creation is just as proud as the volcanic island by the same name. To do this name justice, we have not used one of our basic blends, but composed this blend in a particularly careful manner, clearly evident in the choice of many select fruits. It has also been enriched with shining blue and yellow blossoms and ennobled with the finest flavours of southern fruits. Here, sweet and tangy flavours and red and yellow fruits complement one another particularly well. An absolute top seller in our diversified product range.


Stock:  13 bag

Again something for the sweet tooth! Rooibos tea with chocolate chips, orange peels and blossoms. The sweet and juicy orange harmonizes perfectly with the chocolate.


Stock:  18 bag
Ipanema (Mango)   [Preorder]
Ipanema (Mango)

Just looking at the colourful, bright decoration will cheer you up. The taste is like an exotic firework: different mango flavours result in a delicious taste sensation full of fruit and freshness. Let yourself be led to exotic places by the yellow, orange and green colours of our ingredients. But be warned: this blend can cause severe cases of wanderlust!


Stock:  0 bag
Chocolate/Cream/Truffle   [Preorder]

Everyone loves the wonderful temptation of soft melting, creamy truffle chocolate candies. The scent of our composition is an instant reminder of precious chocolate candy, spreading a tempting smell. Complemented by the fine and sweet redbush basis, the creamy, soft taste will spoil your taste buds. This excellent taste sensation feels like a piece of sweet chocolate, melting in your mouth. Decorated with chocolate pieces and coconut shreds - this is our definition of liquid chocolate. Try it yourself!


Stock:  0 bag
Vanilla with real vanilla pieces

Vanilla is considered the queen of all spices. The Aztecs used to season their famous chocolate drink with vanilla. The vanilla pod is the fruit of an orchid species, which has its home in Mexico. The hand-pollinated blossoms produce ripe fruit after eight months, and are then treated in a complicated frementation process. The pods change colour and develop their full aroma. The exquisite, intense and very popular taste of vanilla harmonises marvellosusly with our black tea blend.


Stock:  0 bag
Ceylon Nuwara Eliya • MELFORT

On the way from Colombo to the high plateau of Nuwara Eliya we pass the Pussellawa Valley in which the Melfort Tea Estate is located. This tea garden has been cultivating and producing teas since 1914. In the year 2004, a very modern production facility for green teas was introduced. Under these excellent climatic conditions and with the exclusive use of China plants, exceptional green teas have been produced since then. Our quality impresses with a matt, olive-coloured, rough and open rolled leaf, which reminds of traditional Chinese tea art. The infusion is freshly scented, fruity and spicy. The golden-glowing cup receives us with a spicy, strong bouquet with a full body and a slight tartness.

A tea, which will meet the expectation of any green tea lover thanks to its exceptional quality!


Stock:  16 bag
Sencha • Enchanted Forest (Sweet Almond)

This blend of mellow „Sencha” and spicy, green mate is a real surprise. Richly decorated, it captivates not only with its striking look, but also develops a completely new and aromatic taste. The tempting aroma of Black Forest Cherry cakes, refined with a little sweetness and attractively decorated, make this blend a much sought-after speciality. An exceptional creation, which proves that tea always has something new to offer.


Stock:  3 bag
Assam • GBOP • HATHIKULI (organic)

The Hathikuli Tea Estate cultivates noticeably pretty teas on one of the largest certified organic cultivation areas in the Assam Valley south of the River Bramaputhra. We have selected this Broken, because it convinced us with its very pretty, rough optic and its malty, slightly bread-like flavour. Let yourself be delighted by its glowing copper-coloured cup with a strong and spicy scent.


Stock:  4 bag
Assam • BP • NAMDANG

At the end of the 19th century Namdang Tea Company, a subsidary of the Assam Railways & Trading Company, established this garden. The plantation areas are divided into two areas named Namdang and Namtok, south of the river Dehind and north of the Patkai Mountains. The CTC production method gives this broken tea a very strong and dark-coloured cup. The taste is heavy and spicy with a doughty note. Divine with cream and rock sugar!


Stock:  13 bag

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