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Cherry/Vanilla   [Remnants and Oddments]

This pretty, precious blend will capture your attention with its colour nuances of rose petals, cherry pieces, elderberries and beetroot pieces which range from light red to dark, shining pink. Together with our fruit tea base and vanilla pieces, this creation is a delightful vision. The taste of sun-ripened cherries, which have just been plucked from the tree and sweetened with vanilla sugar, has been captured with our especially selected flavours. Full, mellow, creamy taste nuances harmonise with the fruit pieces.


Stock:  8 bag
Ceylon Nuwara Eliya • Pekoe • LOVER'S LEAP

A long time ago, a lady, who jumped to her death from the cliffs together with her lover of inferior rank, involuntarily bestowed this romantic name to the plantation. A top tea from the Nuwara Eliya-District, which offers a soft, highly aromatic flavour. A delicate, slightly reddish Pekoe leaf, with a golden cup and a flowery bouquet typical of these altitudes. In every case a tea for lovers.


Stock:  0 bag
Ceylon Uva • (BOP) • AISLABY

The plantation Aislaby produces an outstanding quality during the peak plucking phase, between July and September. This high quality, slightly reddish, fine sieving makes a highly yielding tea with a strong and spicy taste. The luscious copper-coloured cup develops an aromatic, round flavour. Enjoyed at breakfast time, this tea can help you along to an agile day.


Stock:  16 bag
Cinnamon Angel

A tea blend made for the year's festive days. This creation captures the tempting scent of Christmas baking and other delicious things. A heavenly composition with delicious flavours, such as cream and Christmas punch, that tastes like eggnog.


Stock:  2 bag
Cream   [Preorder]

The taste of freshly whipped cream not only completes the delicious, homemade strawberry tart or rounds off the yummiest cream sweets. Following an old tradition, also the East Frisian tea drinkers enjoy their typical black tea blend with fresh cream just skimmed off farm milk. An old classic with a soft, creamy and melting flavour on a full black tea blend, which can perfectly be consumed with a spoonful of rock candy and a dash of fresh lemon!


Stock:  0 bag

Vanilla is not only the queen of all spices, but also an unrivalled taste classic among flavored teas. Already used by the Indians and Aztecs as a spice and medicine, the capsule-shaped fruit is unique in its shape and color. The scent which forms after a thorough drying and fermentation process is unmistakably typical. Our successful redbush creations Windhuk is original and spicy in scent and taste, and this is due to the superior quality of our vanilla flavor. Pure and sweet temptation through and through!


Stock:  15 bag
Green Rooibos Pure (organic)

The plant from conventional cultivation is a variation of the most popular Rooibos. The well-known characteristics are all there, altough differences both in colour and taste can be noticed. The green Rooibos is clearly brighter in colour and has a greener leaf than its "big brother". This derives from the incomplete fermentation process. This original taste sensation offers a fresh, lively taste, with a slightly tangy flavour. The aroma is light and elegeant and should be tried.




Stock:  0 bag
English Breakfast Tea (Broken)

For all those  among the tea drinkers who still do not think our English Leaf Blend, for example, is strong enough. Select broken teas from Assam and Sumatra form the basis for an extremely yielding quality, which is strongly reminiscent of East Frisian blends. It presents a marvellously dark infusion with a malty spiciness, which is at its best when slightly sweetened with a dash of milk or cream.


Stock:  2 bag
Irish Morning (Rum/Cream)

Not only for the early risers on this green island! A strong black tea with the intense taste of a decent lacing of rum really peps you up. The soft, sweet cream flavour cannot be missed in the classic, since it perfectly rounds off the taste experience. The special, abundant decoration of this black tea leaves nothing to be desired. The colour combination of the Irish national flag of white coconut shreds, green wild strawberry leaves and orange-red safflower will always remind you of the origins of this unusual receipe.


Stock:  0 bag
Orange with Peel

Freshly squeezed juice from the most common citrus directly from the juicer promises a perfect start into your day. In order to transfer the delicioius taste of this fruit rich in vitamins to tea, we have created a black tea blend on which the taste of the popular orange can ideally unfold. The wafer-thin peel, which can also be used to flavour many foods, is also included in our lively, fresh tea creation. Drink the sunshine into your day!


Stock:  12 bag

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