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Redbush tea with deliciously hot ginger pieces and colored peppercorns as well as strikingly yellow sunflower blossoms. The heavenly and by now very popular composition of orange and ginger is very pleasant in taste. A balanced and attractive blend which can be enjoyed until late in the evening.


Stock:  17 bag

Only the few desserts are as well known as the sweet Crème Caramel dessert. Hardly anybody remembers how it was prepared at home and what a wonderful smell it spread through the kitchen. It is a pity that this well-known recipe with caramelised sugar, fresh eggs and a hint of real vanilla has been forgotten. Our tea creation comes up to the highest expectations with its tempting creamy caramel pieces and sweet, full caramel flavour with an unforgettable vanilla note.


Stock:  15 bag
Blood Orange

We can only enjoy this well-loved fruit from Italy between December and March. With our fruit tea blend, this wonderfully refreshing and slightly tangy blood orange taste can be enjoyed anytime we desire. A clear, typical taste with a strong character. It distinctly stands out from the familiar sweet orange. The carefully selected fruit pieces of our basic blend without berries provide the ideal taste and have been enriched with the rust-coloured fibres of bright safflower blossoms, matching the orange-red peel of the real fruit. A lively, fruity blend which should really be in every assortment.


Stock:  2 bag

A composition which is just a delicious as its name promises. A perfect combination: melted, creamy and sweet chocolate, a dash of cream skimmed off fresh milk and light sponge cake from which the creamy truffle mass is produced. This mild black tea makes every sweet tooth forget the creamy desserts in the refrigerator and the chocolates on the table.


Stock:  13 bag
Java • OP • CIATER

In the early 19th century, around 1825, Dutch settlers started growing tea plants on the Indonesian island of Java. From there, tea cultivation was also transferred to Sumatra. This leaf tea comes from the best plucking period in Java, between August and September. A beautiful, dark to slightly red leaf makes a shining copper colour in the cup and a strong, fruity and aromatic taste, which is also reflected in the bouquet.


Stock:  3 bag

If you hear eucalyptus, you may be think of the cuddly koalas whose main food consists of these leaves. In this composition we have combined the freshness of eucalyptus with the sweetness of peach and orange. Already by opening the bag, the scent of menthol and fruit takes you away to the wide-open spaces of Australia. Very attractively and colourfully decorated, this composition is a real eye catcher. Orange blossoms and eucalyptus leaves complementone another perfectly and thus guarantee a taste experience of a special kind.


Stock:  44 bag
Redbush Earl Grey (Bergamot)

The original Earl Grey tea was named after Charles Grey, 2nd Earl of Grey in the 18th Century. At that time, it consisted only of Chinese teas, flavoured with finest bergamot oil from the well-known citrus plant. Today, we can combine this classical flavour with fine, mild and sweetish Rooibos tea. Even the passionate Earl Grey drinker should try this decaffeinated version. You will be suprised at how wonderfully the bergamot aroma develops on the Rooibos base. Refine with lemon peel, the freshness also shows in the appearance.


Stock:  8 bag
Ceylon Dimbula • OP • PETTIAGALLA

This quality comes to us from the Dimbula area in the Balangoda District. A tea with a dark red colour, which has been one of our sales hits for years thanks ti its highly aromatic and simultaneuosly mild taste. It should be part of every Ceylon assortment. The leaf is dark, long and wiry; the infusion has a spicy and slightly malty character. This tea can be served with a dash of cream. A good quality at a favourable price.


Stock:  18 bag
Mint Variety   [Preorder]
Mint Variety

This is peppermint – popular, classical, traditional – with a new, lively freshness. That is the success of this herb tea blend. Very literally refreshing. The attractiveness of rose and mallow petals harmonizes perfectly with the unforgettable flavour combination of peppermint and lemon grass.


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Sencha • Lemon

The aromas of brewed green tea and tingling, fresh lemon complement one each another perfectly. The select green tea base perfectly supports the tangy aroma. The added lemon flavour is responsible for a subtle sweetness, which gives a real kick to this tea creation. Consumed either hot or cold, this tea has won many friends over the years and has become a real classic belonging in every green tea assortment.


Stock:  9 bag

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