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Turkish Apple

One of our tasteful and soft blends which gets along without acidic fruits. Sweet apple pieces and lovely pineapple form the basis of this popular infusion. The firm, sweet character of the apple flavour is enhanced by a very special freshness. The taste of this creation makes you feel being in warm regions of the sunny south for a short journey. For this reason it is easy to understand that this tea will be on a firm and high rank in our selected assortment. A top seller among the fruit teas.


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Stock:  15 bag
Thanksgiving (Apple/Pumpkin/Cinnamon)   [Remnants and Oddments]
Thanksgiving (Apple/Pumpkin/Cinnamon)

Sometimes a national holiday, sometimes a village fair or simple the fading memory of yesteryear: Thanksgiiving. Independently from the bustling, the festive meal, the family get-together this specially dedicated day brings with it, it is still the central idea that remains in the focus: the thankfulness for what we have: rich harvests which never let us come away empty handed, busy and loving hands that prepare the richly decorated tables, which never make us go hungry. None of it should be taken for granted, and yet too much of it too often is. Let us take a moment to reflect on all the things we can be thankful for while enjoying this tea made of bounties of nature and rich harvests.


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Stock:  16 bag
Pearl of the Night (Jackfruit/Almond)

This fruity creation will impress you with its unusual spicy influences. Notes of exotic fruits, berries and creamy, soft almonds endow this black and green tea blend from China and Ceylon with an exotic, oriental taste experience, and orange peel and various blossoms reflect this in its appearance.


Stock:  17 bag
Ceylon Uva • OP • SARNIA

Different altitudes, different ground structures and changing climatic conditions result in a vast number of different qualities in appearance, taste and bouquet. This tea from the garden Sarnia presents a strikingly original character. A well-processed tea with a reddish, slightly open, fleshy leaf. The highly aromatic taste is so strikingly soft and round that this tea is a valuable addition to each Ceylon assortment. A dark, copper-coloured cup with a spicy, slightly sweet bouquet.


Stock:  9 bag

Grown in many countries with a tropical climate, lemons have been endowed with a juice, which is rich in sugar and acid, and have a high culinary value. As a flavoured tea, this one must not be missing in a good tea assortment. The refreshing, sour flavour harmonises especially well with our mild black tea blend, which is decorated in a simple but striking way with shining lemon peel. On hot summer days, this black tea is the perfect refreshment, and during the cold months a sweet and sour encouragement, which makes the sun shine in your heart.


Stock:  29 bag
Free & Easy

The very special look of this herb tea blend promises an extraordinary pleasure through its manifold colorful ingredients. The selected fruit pieces as well as original spices give freshness and flavor to this spice tea. Stinging nettle leaves and wild strawberry leaves bring about a strong green color. Light fennel and bright orange peels result in a spring like taste. Camomile offers a particular spicy but mild note, whereas the fennel contributes its sweet flavor. Since there are no artificial flavors added, this creation fascinates just with its natural, pure taste.


Stock:  16 bag
Piña Colada (Coconut/Pineapple)

The non-alcoholic equivalent to the popular and world-famous cocktail classic is hot on the trail of its counterpart. A lively, fresh and fruity taste thanks to appetizing pineapple, a hint of cream, as well as a dash of fine coconut aroma are the secrets of this very delicious tea variety. The exotic Piña Colada tea has turned into a classic very quickly, and truly belongs to our all-time hot sellers. This highly attractive tea creation should not be missing in any standard assortment. This hot cocktail is a must; try it on green tea or Rooibos tea basis as well!


Stock:  0 bag
Rooibos Pure (organic)

The country of origin of the Rooibos is South Africa. Natives used Rooibos to make a fruity, sweet tea long before Europeans did. The branches of the schrub were dried in the sun and then cut into small pieces. The tea was first exported to far away countries in the 19th century, and its export has been growing ever since. This resulted in a controlled cultivation of the once wild growing shrub. A high-quality Rooibos tea can be identified by its ruby colour and soft, sweet, characteristic, aromatic taste. The leaf points out rather long needles.


Stock:  20 bag
Sencha • Pomegranate Blossom (Pomegranate)

The royal pomegranate is still a fascination and demonstrates new facets again and again. This time we have focused on its blossoms, which decorates the green "Sencha" base with its bold beauty in combination with the delicate rose petals. The taste enthuses thanks to the fruity pomegranate with a hint of sweet flower.


Stock:  4 bag
Green Menthos

High-quality Chinese Gunpowder”, finest American mint and an intense natural crisped mint flavour combine to a special taste experience. Aromatic, lively yet rich, this exciting composition develops an unparalleled aroma and scent. This fresh aroma really peps you up. This popular classic is ideal for an ice tea on hot days.


Stock:  16 bag

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