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Sencha • Chocolate Rose   [Remnants and Oddments]
Sencha • Chocolate Rose

Dive into the world of the scents of a rose garden and close your eyes: you will be delighted. The exceptional optic of this composition is underlined by the classic green tea blend with bamboo leaves. This creation is rounded off by delicate dark chocolate, which invites you to melt away.


Stock:  16 bag
Sencha • Pina Colada (Coconut/Pineapple)

Dreams of long, white, sandy beaches, skies without a cloud and endless warm summer nights in the South Sea - these are the thoughts that come to mind if you think of the famous cocktail. Why go far? Our select green tea base with this exquisite taste satisfies the highest expectations. The select Pina Colada flavour combination together with a colourful decoration of pineapple cubes and coconut shreds make this creation a real bestseller.


Stock:  28 bag

The fruity and spicy combination of exotic cinnamon and delicious plums is often used for the preparation of different foods. The ingredients, in liquid or solid form, are not only part of different sweets from grandma's recipe book but also a clever refinement in upper class restaurants. Fine redbush tea is the perfect basis for such a great and seductive combination of flavors. Its appearance fascinates with bright blue mallow blossoms and cinnamon pieces. Yummy!


Stock:  12 bag
Tanzania • BOP

Like many other countries, also Tanzania responded to the growing demand for low-price and highly yielding CTC teas. Nevertheless, many very high-grade qualities are produced, due to the particularly favourable climatic and geographical conditions, and the many years of experience in handling this natural product. Our somewhat coarsely grained import quality fascinates by its homogeneous leaf, a slightly red cup colour and a really strong, full, spicy taste. Impressive evidence that good CTC's do not necessarily come from Assam ...


Stock:  12 bag
Rooibos Bush Fire (Orange)

Bright safflowers remind of a fiery sunset in the great wide open savannah. The composition of different orange flavors promises a fresh and lively pleasure. The flavorings used are natural, spreading the scent of freshly squeezed oranges. The taste of sun ripe citrus fruits is all southern flair. Full, fruity aromatic pleasure flatters the sweet redbush tea. One of our absolute bestsellers!


Stock:  0 bag
Cocoa/Orange   [Preorder]

For all sweet teeth who feel a yearning for something sweet while picking herbs: enjoy this without feeling guilty. This tea combines the fruity sweetness of oranges with the finely herb peel of cocoa. The special kick comes from the lemon grass in combination with apples. Let yourself be seduced!


Stock:  0 bag
Wild Cherry

Fresh, dark red, firm cherries plucked from the tree ... this is how this delicious fruit should be enjoyed. The full China-Ceylon black tea blend, flavoured with the intensely fruity and sour, wild cherry flavour provides a very authentic taste experience. The freeze-dried, dark red sour pieces not only serve as delicate decoration, but also give off their fresh fruity taste when the tea is brewed. A real delight for every cherry fan!


Stock:  22 bag
Black Blood Orange

This mild China-Ceylon black tea blend will remind you of the colourful Caribbean thanks to the light-yellow orange peel and orange-red blazing safflower. This tea creation has been ennobled by the natural flavour of a sweet, firm, fresh and tangy fruit from Italy. The typical red colour of the firm flesh of sun ripened blood oranges, which results from frosty nights shortly before harvesting, is the first thought that enters your mind with the first sip. The second thought is a warm summer evening in the South. There are no limits to your imagination while enjoying this refreshing, tangy, fruity drink!


Stock:  18 bag
Russian Blend • Samowar

Long before black tea was imported from China and until the end of the 17th century, people living at the time of the czars had been drinking "Smitten", a brew made with hot water, honey, and herbs. Today, tea is the most popular non-alcoholic drink in Russia. Our black tea blend, not to be confused with Gruziya tea of former times, is based on an old Russian recipe and is perfectly suitable for being served from a samowar. A highly aromatic and, at the same time with a very slight, smoky note.


Stock:  36 bag
Sencha • Spring Melody (Strawberry/Orange)

This is where the spring action is. Any taste bud will look forward to the fresh flavours of ripe strawberries, refreshing orange and exotic pineapple. A base of finest green teas rounds off this composition. Enjoy this symphony and decide for yourself whether this opus can be praised profoundly.


Stock:  3 bag

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